Two Quick Ways to Spiritually Cleanse

Part of the Protection Series



In all this, the practice of meditation is very beneficial for the mind, body and soul. In the bath you could do a light meditation, one that you can do yourself to remove and clear away gunk accumulated through the day or the week. In the shower you can do meditation of where the water is “white light” cleanser cascading over you and through you, aligning your chakras, transforming your outer bodies.

Meditation is about silencing the mind, quietening the chatter. Like with anything, the more you practice, the more you will become proficient. With meditation, it is the connection to the source to help heal and protect is what you are aiming for. It is also the awakening of your openness with the source via love. Love and Above, baby! Love and Above!

Starting with a guided meditation is a helpful first-step for most people. So start with short meditations and try and listen as best as you can to quieten your mind. Then build up to longer meditations, more structured to what you are aiming for in your life. I have had many people say to me that they fall asleep, but this is ok, you just need to persevere. One way is sitting up in a quiet area. There is no use trying to do a meditation if you have kids banging on the door, pets trying to get your attention, phones ringing. So make time when you can control the situations, turn phones off, and make a comfortable area for yourself.

Meditation for protection is also a great tool. The way I use meditation is to get to my connection point in my mind, then use it as viewing portal of myself to see what I need cleansing. It’s like remote viewing in which I can pick up on anything that should not be in or around me and remove it. It is such an effective method, especially for psychic attacks and energy vampires. I have been using this method for over twenty years and for others as well.


After cleansing, the next best thing I find is to do smudge with cleansing herbs.

  • White Sage
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Palo Santo “Holy Wood”

There are a number of other herbs you can purchase online for smudges, but these are what are handy for myself and have used for years. I am sure many of you have used a smudged and know that when using, have a bowl with you to catch any lit bits that can sometimes fall off. We never smudge near curtains or flammable items in the home or on your persons with flammable items of clothing or hairspray in their hair. So Use with Care.

Remember, it is the smoke you need to swirl around yourself so to release negativity and to cleanse. How long you do it, is up to you and I find it best to say a prayer a few times as I smudge. Below is a prayer you could say, or you could make up one for your personal needs.

Smudge Prayer

Into this smoke,

I release all energies that no longer serve me

All negativity that surrounds me

And all fears that limits me

As Above, So Below

So Mote it Be


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