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Hey There!

My name is Tam. I am a Squadron leader, part-time writer, cook, gardener, mumma, nanna, explorer, seeker.

Love Retro, Astrology, The Moon, Witchy Life, Candles, Manifesting and Bloody Good Wine!


If you love exploring or dreaming of the day when we will go back to travelling overseas, jump on board as I am in the same boat. The dreams are not dying, they are just getting bigger!

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About Me

My motto is:

There is Always Light at the End of the Tunnel.

No matter what…no matter how far you fall…you will, if you choose, get up, brush the dirt off your bum and continue on your journey towards that light.

Like many, I have had loss and love, joys, pain, and everything in-between. Yet that is part of the journey.

How you see it, how you react to it, is how you know who you are.

Don’t ever stop dreaming!

Let’s hang out!