This Week’s Full Moon Energy

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Aquarius Moon…Again

Full Moon in Aquarius with Uranus Retrograde will amp up the energy.
When we look at this whole energy, it is a tug of war of heart and head. Miscommunications may come across if not on the same page.
Those who feel something is “off” in their relationship may be probing for answers and find out that it may backfire. So get all your ducks in a row before you try and communicate what it is you want to know, and both be in a place of calm. Control is the key.

Get Moving, Get Artsy, Get Dirty

Uranus is the ruler to Aquarius, and I think of it like popping candy; bright, loud, popping and crackling, fizzy sensation that is a distracting pleasure. So during this period, you may feel like cooking up a storm, painting, writing, getting your hands dirty, expressing yourself. Put that popping energy into achieving something, and you will not be disappointed. The more you put this built up energy into a goal and have some control over it, the outcomes will be exceptional.


Interestingly, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde. But Uranus brings about the emotion of humanitarian feelings or rebellious inclinations, possessions, and relationships, be it family or a partner.

When Uranus is in retro, with this Full Moon, the energy is high; the power reversed, back into YOU. Questions of how you are participating with all the issues that touch your life with work and personal matters, materialistic ownership on things. You may feel like you are rehashing old problems, and if so, you need to nip it in the bud as to why is this still coming up in your life.

So it would be a time to contemplate within but not take on any emotions that lower your vibrations. That is why grounding is essential, staying calm, working through your issues and also protecting your energy during this time. Release and Balance are needed, and to take those emotions and work with them through meditation. Get a handle on them and see if they are stopping you from moving forward.

Think about this: Love and Fear both Motivate

11 of Water: Emotion/Intellect

Body and Emotions

The card during this time is the Eleven of Water: Emotion/Intellect— Love, Fear, Expression, Suppression, Head, Heart, Ease, and Dis-Ease.

Suppression of your emotions during this period can lead to dis-ease in the body. The organs of the body conform to particular emotions. That then attaches to a dis-ease when there is an imbalance or repression. But it can also be the reverse where the imbalance stems from the organ, so the emotional side surfaces.

So to bring about harmony within, it would start with eating well, rebalancing the body, and dealing with any emotions of a lower vibration for a healthy mindset. For example, Kidney Stones are tiny balls of built-up anger, pissed off and frustration with what is happening in your life.

To help start the road to dealing with that anger, I would eat foods to help with the physical side of things. My favourite is a big bowl of greens; Broccoli, zucchinis, spinach, silverbeet, kale fried with a splash of fish and soy sauce, steamed or flash-fried with a topping of sliced avocado. Secondly, I would also have a head and shoulder massage during that time to relieve the tension built up, warm baths or showers.
Thirdly, meditation in reading my body’s imbalances would be looked at and dealt with, either with myself or another healer.

However, this is not an overnight solution, and you should look at it as a spirit level. The bubble has to be between the two lines to be level. We aim for the same, tapping a little here and a little there to get the alignment. We do the same in finding our adjustment.

Another fact is Uranus rules Aquarius and rules the ankles and calves. So cramps, sprains, breaks, rashes are other issues to keep in the back of your mind.

Lions Gate, New Moon…Va-Va-Voom!

🔮🌑Well this New Moon in ♌️Leo is a bit of a humdinger! Not only is there the Lion’s Gate Portal open, but it’s also on the Lucky day of the 8/8. Eight is a lucky number in Feng Shui as it looks like the infinity symbol (never-ending) and doubles as very auspicious. In Cantonese, eight sounds like prosper. So it’s always associated with success in business and abundance. You will see the mystic eight-knot symbol on a red string or 8 coins with a red ribbon or eight bamboo stalks in a planter. These are very good implements to have around the home or in business, in the right area, you are wishing to strengthen.

🔮The Lions Gate Portal is when the sun in Leo aligns with Sirus (brightest start we see..apart from the sun). It is very momentous and symbolic, as it delivers a strong determination, prowess, creativity, resourcefulness to us. And it is powerful for those who are or experimenting with their psychic powers as it can open the third eye. It is associated with the heart chakra and so this means unconditional love. So an extremely potent and forceful time that can bring about growth. Manifesting is strong at this time, especially through your Heart Chakra.

🔮Also on the cards is Lots of Hard and Heavy Romance…Voof! For those who are in a space that is not quite over the threshold of a relationship, the New Moon may just get you over the finish line. There is lots of confidence-building energy and sassiness if used right. A new hairstyle, a new colour will make you feel brand new if you want some change.

🔮Those in relationships that have had issues of late, there could be a compromise on both parties. Don’t argue or fight for the sake of sex. And be more appreciative about what each of you does and brings to the table. Point out the good things in your relationship. No need to bring attention to the bad. And don’t be hasty with your words if you are triggered. 

🔮Those who are not in lockdown and can still get out and about, let me say this during this buzzing energy of love, lust, and sex: Ladies, If you don’t want to hear the words “MUMMMMMMMM!” screamed at you for the rest of your life🤦🏽‍♀️, or a nasty bout of something you only watch on Embarrassing Bodies – use protection, as very fertile time. Guys, just use protection in any contact of having sex…💉🩺 There is just a big dark cloud over using protection, as if it won’t happen to you.

New Moon in Cancer

Wow! What a bit of a ride that last Mercury Retro did to my electronics and anything motorised connected to me. I was a bit ignorant with the energy this time around, as I have not had too bad of a run with it previously, but it hammered me. A broken phone that I have to use a computer to try and get calls, ride on mower, washing machine, car, internet thievery in a rural location beyond now a joke, the list is long. Also a visit from something dark outside my home at my window. 

So this New Moon will be about cleansing those defences, and that goes for each and every one of us. They do get clogged, dirty and sluggish, so this is a perfect time to raise the energy to do this safely and lovingly. Bringing in the 💖LOVE ENERGY is the key.

It is also a great time to delve deep into your spirit and maybe tweak the capabilities you have. But remember, if you are working on your psychic side, protection is a must and know who you are connecting with. Do not delve too fast or jump into darker things that will have darker energy connecting. It is not as easy as you may think to rid of the energy that is like this.

With things changing, there is always change happening in our lives. But can we control in some sense what direction we want? I believe so. I will say that it is up to you how the next 6 months will pan out for you. Put your mindset into creative mode, then great things will happen. When I say creative mode, I mean that if you put your thoughts and energy into creating – be it whatever you like- the outcome will be positive. The essence of whatever you give your attention to is unfolding in your experience. That means that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. That goes for negative as well. So…Your Thoughts Mean Everything….EVERYTHING!

Ok, Cancer is about Home and Relationships. The Cancer energy is straight to the point no-nonsense. So the energy is about:
👆🏽Simplifying Your Life – Declutter
👆🏽Remove Obstructions
👆🏽Remove Restrictions
👆🏽Don’t Overcomplicate your Life
👆🏽Lighten your Workload 
👆🏽Focus on Moving Forward
👆🏽Be Grateful

🌟Be at peace 🌟 Find the fun in everything 🌟Push through and CREATE!
Ciao Peeps!