Lions Gate, New Moon…Va-Va-Voom!

🔮🌑Well this New Moon in ♌️Leo is a bit of a humdinger! Not only is there the Lion’s Gate Portal open, but it’s also on the Lucky day of the 8/8. Eight is a lucky number in Feng Shui as it looks like the infinity symbol (never-ending) and doubles as very auspicious. In Cantonese, eight sounds like prosper. So it’s always associated with success in business and abundance. You will see the mystic eight-knot symbol on a red string or 8 coins with a red ribbon or eight bamboo stalks in a planter. These are very good implements to have around the home or in business, in the right area, you are wishing to strengthen.

🔮The Lions Gate Portal is when the sun in Leo aligns with Sirus (brightest start we see..apart from the sun). It is very momentous and symbolic, as it delivers a strong determination, prowess, creativity, resourcefulness to us. And it is powerful for those who are or experimenting with their psychic powers as it can open the third eye. It is associated with the heart chakra and so this means unconditional love. So an extremely potent and forceful time that can bring about growth. Manifesting is strong at this time, especially through your Heart Chakra.

🔮Also on the cards is Lots of Hard and Heavy Romance…Voof! For those who are in a space that is not quite over the threshold of a relationship, the New Moon may just get you over the finish line. There is lots of confidence-building energy and sassiness if used right. A new hairstyle, a new colour will make you feel brand new if you want some change.

🔮Those in relationships that have had issues of late, there could be a compromise on both parties. Don’t argue or fight for the sake of sex. And be more appreciative about what each of you does and brings to the table. Point out the good things in your relationship. No need to bring attention to the bad. And don’t be hasty with your words if you are triggered. 

🔮Those who are not in lockdown and can still get out and about, let me say this during this buzzing energy of love, lust, and sex: Ladies, If you don’t want to hear the words “MUMMMMMMMM!” screamed at you for the rest of your life🤦🏽‍♀️, or a nasty bout of something you only watch on Embarrassing Bodies – use protection, as very fertile time. Guys, just use protection in any contact of having sex…💉🩺 There is just a big dark cloud over using protection, as if it won’t happen to you.

Full Moon in Aquarius


Full Moon in Aquarius…in Leo Season and having Virgo in Venus in which is adding up to Relationships, Irritation, Drama, Tension, Running Mouth.
Aquarius energy is free-spirited, very loving, and social but can have its downsides of sometimes being a stickler for ideas, overworking themselves, energy that lends a shoulder for people who can suck that living energy out of you, overthinking and dissecting issues that may not even be there, stressing at times on the what if’s and can get very sad on this.

This Moon is kind of like this:
💥Some couples, children, work colleagues will be arguing if one partner is not keeping up, toeing the line, lazy, and not keeping promises or acting dodgy.
💥The slip of the tongue in stating the looks of someone could cut deep.
💥In relationships, the balance is out of kilter and others are coming first.
💥So called talks for relationships are positive at face value but are you just hearing the words or promises you need or want from someone?
💥Boundaries are broken
💥Getting either pissed off or having a mini breakdown

If you think things are not going the way you like and can see the issues, step back for a time and let it go until it’s a better time to discuss. 
Pick your battles.
Sometimes it’s better to do things yourself without the help and get into a zone of finishing. You will do much better than arguing with someone that doesn’t want to be there or want to help. Remember there are other ways to skin a cat when the time comes when someone wants you or needs your purse.
Take time out for yourself and bugger everyone else who tries to take your time up for themselves.
Cleanse and find some quiet time for yourself. Just don’t get caught up in anyone else’s dramas.
Peace out, Chill, and Best to You All!