15 Protection Crystals for Beginners

Part of The Protection Series


Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

There are so many crystals out there today that can help in taking away negativity and protect you. I have chosen these 15 stones, as they easy to obtain and do an exceedingly good job in protecting you, psychically. Those who wish to go more in-depth with finding different obscure stones or crystals would be better to read Judy Hall’s Crystal Bibles Vol 1-3. Excellent books that will lead you down a road of wonder and maybe a lifestyle of collecting.

With any of your crystals, we place them in areas that benefit and balance. It may be where a high influx of people come through or congregate, areas that have a feeling of negativity, places with high electrical output i.e near computers, TV’s. Or we may want to change the vibe of an area to give it more of a chilled or calming aura for those who use it.

With protection crystals or stones, we have to set the stage for them, so that they work to the best of their abilities. If you are interested in Feng Shui, the art of directing, boosting and protecting energy, you may want to check out this site here https://www.thespruce.com/feng-shui-tips-for-beginners-1274536

Wearing them is also great for psychic protection, yet understand that when choosing a stone or crystal, you must take into account how you react to that particular stone or crystal. So a good idea would be to test some out with tumbler stones before buying jewellery.

As an Example:

If I wore Obsidian around my neck and was a stressful day at work, it began to feel heavy and irritable on my skin, so I became irritable. Hematite bracelet would make my arm and wrist ache like crazy and to the point that I couldn’t lift things properly. Tigers Eye would make me want to cry at drop of a hat. So, I had to stop wearing them and place them away from my skin to still do the job, so the reaction wasn’t as intense physically.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Another thing to remember is to cleanse your stones and crystals regularly. Like ourselves, we need to recharge every now and then, so too for our Crystals.

🔮Set in a bowl in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours each month.

🔮Place in the rain water for a time if crystals are not dissolvable type, or spray with rain water and wipe clean

🔮Smudge with smoke

🔮Dust and wipe with clean cloth

So its a bit of trial and error in getting your stones or crystals in good form.

Please Note: Do not drink or spray any water that crystals have been in unless you are 100% sure it is safe to do so. Not all Crystals are Non-Toxic. Malachite being top of my list of toxicity. To know more please click here .https://www.gemsociety.org/article/gemstone-toxicity-table/


Top Protection Stones

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the strongest protectors against negative energy. Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibration. One to use for a full chakra balance and shielding. Keep in room if you have electrical appliances for their radiation output to get restful sleep.


Turquoise is a dynamic stone for protection and also has the ability to heal. It has been known to change depth of colour when there is danger or illness. Not to be placed in bedrooms as it has an excess energy to it that might be better placed in an area you needs that strength. Not while you sleep.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is a grounding and protecting stone. Used in days gone by for those putting the evil eye on you or curses. It was used to hold that ill-will back. Balances your yin-yang

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the stone for saying “No…Enough is Enough!” The Master Healer!
When you put this on or have it around your work area, it helps to stop others from dumping their load on you. Stops becoming a victim of situations and overcoming them.


In times past, Peridot was used to keep at bay evil spirits. Its perfect for releasing the past. Did you know that if you keep thinking about something bad in your past or a person, it will either have them harassing you psychically and physically. Use Peridot to detach yourself from those memories and move on.


Onyx is the stone of giving strength to repel.
It is one of the many stones that draws negativity away and supports on centering your energy. Good to have by Front doors where it will balk some from entering or repel entirely.


Well if you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones, you will know this as “Dragon Stone”.
This stone is Obsidian and it has no boundaries and is limitless. It is a stone that needs to be used carefully or else you will have issues that drive emotions kept well hidden to the surface quickly! So easy does it when using Obsidian!

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a power stone. Gives you the strength to repel when emotions are running high. As quick as it gives the strength, it also gives you a peace and calm in doing what you have to get done. Immense in its power to stop psychic-attacks.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.29.31 am

Labradorite is a lovely stone and one of my favourites.
It deflects undesirable energies and puts up a blockade to negative energies.
Excellent for raising consciousness

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.30.11 am

Jasper is the “Super Nurturer”. It consumes negativity because it wants to bring about peace and calmness. Excellent for Yin/Yang balancing.


Hematite is wonderful for protection.
It will demolish and repel negativity at the same time. Great for grounding and is very Male or Yang influenced. So when you need to have that maleness perk to do a job or take on a situation, this is the stone.


There are many types of Agate and each have a resonating quality; that it brings strength and calmness. It is a stabiliser of energy and brings about a strength and another in the list of balancing.


Amethyst, the “Purple Protector” of the Crystal and Stone worlds! Who can say they don’t like this stone? Its wonderful in its form and colours. One of the best to defend against Psychic-Attacks! Its the Guru of love and light and disperses negativity. Its great for cleansing and healing.
Whaddda Stone! Love It!


The Peace Maker. Carnelian is one stone that some overlook but this little beauty helps in finding trust in yourself and those gut feelings. It helps you overcome fear and guides you to find the strength to move forward with good choices. Protects against gaslighting situations, nagging, and belittling.


Deflector of Negative Energies. The Garnet is so good at its job. Not only will this stone defect that negativity, it will be post marking it with “Return to Sender”. Especially those who like to gossip and say nasty things about you. Keep near a computer, tablet or phone when on social media.

Full Moon in Aquarius


Full Moon in Aquarius…in Leo Season and having Virgo in Venus in which is adding up to Relationships, Irritation, Drama, Tension, Running Mouth.
Aquarius energy is free-spirited, very loving, and social but can have its downsides of sometimes being a stickler for ideas, overworking themselves, energy that lends a shoulder for people who can suck that living energy out of you, overthinking and dissecting issues that may not even be there, stressing at times on the what if’s and can get very sad on this.

This Moon is kind of like this:
💥Some couples, children, work colleagues will be arguing if one partner is not keeping up, toeing the line, lazy, and not keeping promises or acting dodgy.
💥The slip of the tongue in stating the looks of someone could cut deep.
💥In relationships, the balance is out of kilter and others are coming first.
💥So called talks for relationships are positive at face value but are you just hearing the words or promises you need or want from someone?
💥Boundaries are broken
💥Getting either pissed off or having a mini breakdown

If you think things are not going the way you like and can see the issues, step back for a time and let it go until it’s a better time to discuss. 
Pick your battles.
Sometimes it’s better to do things yourself without the help and get into a zone of finishing. You will do much better than arguing with someone that doesn’t want to be there or want to help. Remember there are other ways to skin a cat when the time comes when someone wants you or needs your purse.
Take time out for yourself and bugger everyone else who tries to take your time up for themselves.
Cleanse and find some quiet time for yourself. Just don’t get caught up in anyone else’s dramas.
Peace out, Chill, and Best to You All!