New Moon in Cancer

Wow! What a bit of a ride that last Mercury Retro did to my electronics and anything motorised connected to me. I was a bit ignorant with the energy this time around, as I have not had too bad of a run with it previously, but it hammered me. A broken phone that I have to use a computer to try and get calls, ride on mower, washing machine, car, internet thievery in a rural location beyond now a joke, the list is long. Also a visit from something dark outside my home at my window. 

So this New Moon will be about cleansing those defences, and that goes for each and every one of us. They do get clogged, dirty and sluggish, so this is a perfect time to raise the energy to do this safely and lovingly. Bringing in the 💖LOVE ENERGY is the key.

It is also a great time to delve deep into your spirit and maybe tweak the capabilities you have. But remember, if you are working on your psychic side, protection is a must and know who you are connecting with. Do not delve too fast or jump into darker things that will have darker energy connecting. It is not as easy as you may think to rid of the energy that is like this.

With things changing, there is always change happening in our lives. But can we control in some sense what direction we want? I believe so. I will say that it is up to you how the next 6 months will pan out for you. Put your mindset into creative mode, then great things will happen. When I say creative mode, I mean that if you put your thoughts and energy into creating – be it whatever you like- the outcome will be positive. The essence of whatever you give your attention to is unfolding in your experience. That means that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. That goes for negative as well. So…Your Thoughts Mean Everything….EVERYTHING!

Ok, Cancer is about Home and Relationships. The Cancer energy is straight to the point no-nonsense. So the energy is about:
👆🏽Simplifying Your Life – Declutter
👆🏽Remove Obstructions
👆🏽Remove Restrictions
👆🏽Don’t Overcomplicate your Life
👆🏽Lighten your Workload 
👆🏽Focus on Moving Forward
👆🏽Be Grateful

🌟Be at peace 🌟 Find the fun in everything 🌟Push through and CREATE!
Ciao Peeps!

Give It Up!

🔮🌑New Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Gemini, North Node in Gemini…are we feeling a wee foggy? Things bouncing around in your head, maybe a continual obsessive thought or thoughts that are just making you a little cuckoo? Feeling you are being pulled every which way? Got some or many jobs on the go that you are really getting nowhere with?

🔮On the new moon we are in the dark with our thoughts. That being said, we need to clear away the muck and surrender our old ways and concentrate on removing self-absorbed, self-sabotaging, compulsive thinking and steer towards learning something new we need in our lives during this period or continuing on with a project that needs finalising but looking at finishing it from a new angle…cause the old way is not working.

🔮During this time our intuition will be heightened, so listen to it, don’t ignore.

🔮Again it comes back to surrendering old ways. That is stop ignoring signs from the Universe and know the Universe is trying to guide you. This is all about clearing the path you are on to bring in new energy for the next six to eight months. Preparation for your future.

🔮The challenge is teaching our inner-directness of our mind from deviating from our path. We can do this as long as we continually do certain things that will make good habits.

🔮With all this AIR energy around us, GROUNDING ourselves is one way of stopping the prattling in our minds. Gardening is a big one for this as we touching the earth, our thoughts are diverted. Same for walking along beaches or in the country. Diversion.

🔮Another is bathing. Having a salt bath is one way, as is milk or oil bath. I love essential oils and would use one or a combination of clary sage, lavender, patchouli, bergamot, which are not overly stimulating but calming and clearing.

🔮Sort your physical challenges by list and mark off when done. Don’t let them accumulate too much or overthink them. If you do we are back to the start of being anxious or overwhelmed.

🔮So good time to rewire the thought process and get moving for your future you are working towards. 

❤️Good Luck and Many Blessings✨✨✨

Full Moon In Aquarius

This 🌕 Full Moon is about getting rid of the poor self image we have of ourselves and rebel! 🙌🏼 Stop competing, stop bagging out, stop the revulsion, the loathing and telling yourself you lack. BE GONE! Draw back into you..the 🧙🏽🧙🏼‍♂️magic and walk your path…for you and you alone.

Uranus sits in Taurus, so this is about change and justice, and the energy to do so. The justice is when we take control of all those awful and cruel things we put ourselves through and sentence them to Devils Island. And in sentencing them brings about change. Change of Being Enough, Change of Letting Go, Change of There is Plenty, Change of Ebracement of Others…the list can go on.

On the somber note, some folks may not like the idea of change. Change in oneself may seem scary and threatening, having lived in a somewhat bubble that they know is not good, but its all they know. Be Brave and take baby steps if you have to, but make changes everyday to bring about your dreams. Forget others, forget the words, just keep moving forward to your goal.

WE also have other folk who may not express in the manner of supporting a loved one’s need for change in their lives. Especially those who have had a long rein and impact on other people’s lives. But the reality is, there is no room for controlling and fear based emotions, no one has the patience anymore to give excuses or to turn a blind eye. Remember that there is always a day of reckoning. So be prepared.

During this 🌕 Full Moon, it is best for some to keep a calm and intelligent demeanour about themselves when dealing with certain people. For a few others it will be like their wittiness has broken loose and keeps the laughs rolling in. The Wheel of Fortune card was picked and this is a sign to say that things are changing for those willing to embrace it.

I boldly broaden my horizons to guide me to my envisioned ambitions