Ways to Revamp Your Protection, Love & Abundance Part 1

Overhauling & Oil Changes

Throughout the year, we all need a little bit of an overhaul and oil change when it comes to keeping our home, our physical selves and places where we frequent with a bit of a spruce.

But we have the holidays coming up and that means most of us will be catching up with people. In times like these, we can be susceptible in picking up energies. Little hooks from people and places.

I have put together a few that may help you in shimmering up the energy in revamping it through normal house duties and cooking.

Everything is easy and simple.


Those of you who have done any type of Reiki (a healing modality using your hands), one of the first things taught is the symbol “Cho-Ku-Rei, which means Life Force Energy. And if you are not into Reiki, you may still use the symbol, but the energy will be not be as potent as a person who practices Reiki. Still very potent.

The Cho-Ku-Rei symbol is like that of a drip of water hitting a pool and then the rings. It is a symbol to boost energy and also to calm situation depending on your circumstances. I was taught some twenty-two years ago to use in my cooking, or any drinks, especially water, to charge it up.

Blessing Your Food & Drink

Blessing your food and drink is how to revamp your protection and is more beneficial than what you may think. In doing so, you are charging the food and drink with positive energy. The tastes of your meals, your appreciation of your meals will be heightened. It also changes your concept with your relationship with food and drink. Below are some everyday ingredients we use that you can use on many levels.


Most folks know the use of salt in protection, especially around home boundaries, doorways, windows and even under your bed, all to absorb the negative energy that sometimes creeps into our lives, but also to keep the positive energy in.

However, if you use salt in bowls around the home, you must redo them weekly, depending on humidity, as they get dusty and sticky. Instead of binning the salt, place old salt on weeds or around a yard where water will dissolve it, but not near good plants or trees.

Using Himalayan pink salt lamps (with or without the light) also helps if you don’t want to use bowls of salt. They also need to be cleaned often, and you should have a bowl under them as they weep.
I buy bags of pool salt for big jobs around the property’s boundaries. The pool salt is just regular table salt but is chunkier. I am repelling negativity away from my home and land, and what good intentions and positive energy I am invoking, will stay longer within.
However, did you know that blessing your salt before use will be of more significant benefit, especially in cooking? So, when you add a pinch of salt to a recipe, bless it prior. Then, when throwing it into your meal or over your meal, say something along the lines of:

Blessed salt from the earth and sea, give protection for my family and me.”

Blessing your own salt can be done by:

  • Smudging over your salt and saying a prayer over it
  • Adding sprigs of Rosemary, Oregano, or even Parsley in your salt for extra protection
  • If you have holy water you can do the same, (but not to pour in it), just a quick sprinkle and a prayer of protection


Peppercorns are a masculine spice that can be hot, warm and spicy and I love it. Maybe because I am Aries and Mars is associated with Pepper. We call it as pepper in Australia and Capsicums are the peppers that others may think of when using the word.

There are over 600 different kinds of peppercorns in the world, but in a western culture we have the green, white, and black; picked and dried at different stages for the colouring and taste. The pink peppercorn is a berry and is a slightly sweeter spice, and so mixed with the other peppercorns, makes a great blend that tastes wonderful. Peppercorns are excellent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory spice for the body.

Pepper is another excellent number for protection and breaking attachments, helps you grow emotionally and spiritually and releasing negativity and jealousy. When using in cooking, utilise in your mind for protecting and warding off, cutting off attachment/s.


Now chilli is associated with passion and can be used to protect against the evil eye. I have seen some lovely little key-chain ornaments with chilli with an evil eye to ward off all bad intent. Plus, I have seen roped chilli in South American and Mexican restaurants, which may have been for decoration. Still, I was thinking more of an old habit of protection from outside influences. You, too, can hang the dried chilli in your kitchen for good luck, but when using it in your cooking, you use it for passion, love and protection. Chilli is great for the immune system and contains antioxidant carotenoids and numerous vitamins.


Living in Spain, I found on my explores through the campo’s, lots of wild thyme. The ladies would bundle up their finds and have them for their cooking at home and shared widely for the older ladies of the village that couldn’t get out for an afternoon walk.

For Thyme, it is the herb of courage and having the strength to face things, plus it also can be used for a stress relief or to help with brain fog as a tea. It is also for luck and protection, so grow a little pot in your home to give good vibes. Use in your cooking for your psychic energy to switch up. Thyme is related to Oregano but they have different tastes.


Another wild herb I collected in Spain and I grew many here in Australia in my old herb garden. It was a staple in almost everything I cooked for the family. It is a love herb and for me that includes protection. Great for skin irritations when made into a tea.

Oregano is great for banishing, protection, psychic work. Plus it’s for those of you who still have attachments with an X partner or maybe a work college. To help you to forget them, sprinkle into your recipe and say:

Those of my past that linger on,

It is time for you to now move on.

No longer will you shadow my life,

No longer will you cause me strife,

I now cut all ties

I am free, I am free, I am free.


A very potent herb, and so it is one for protection, memory and healing. However, it is overpowering in food, so use it in your cooking sparingly. A little bit goes a long way if you use dried. My favourite summer recipe is cherry tomatoes, sprigs of rosemary, whole garlic and eggplant, drizzled with olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper thrown all in a roasting pan and roasted until a lovely caramel colour. The flavours are incredible when smeared warm on toasted bread or ciabatta.

I use rosemary for a gargle for a sore throat when steeped in a mix of honey and water on the stove for twenty minutes and then cooled. When the family needs a good boost of clearing energy I use in a spray bottle with a sprinkle of salt, rosemary oil or crushed fresh leaves, plus I add a little lavender oil or fresh leaves. This will help with spraying when a room is feeling a little heavy. I use on my crystals (that can take water), ornaments, kitchen benches, bathrooms to lift the feelings and clear. Keep little pots of rosemary in your house for protection, purifying, rubbing the leaves at times to sharpen your memory.


In Australia, I could never grow the large basil but could grow in abundance what we called “Bush Basil“. It had smaller leavers and more compact with a great spicy taste. But basil is thought to be over 5000 years old in its cultivation. In ancient times, people would grow in little tubs and place on their window sills to ward off evil.

Basil is used mostly in spells to bring on abundance and prosperity. A pot in the kitchen on hand for not only cooking, but for using in banishing energy that is not welcomed, bringing about a more tranquil and jovial environment. If you have a bit of brain fog, just rub a leaf or two and draw in the aroma. Can also be placed near the front door for good luck.

“Take away, Oh leaf of green,

All that is dark and cannot be seen.

Bring forth to us your protecting power,

Give us your strength, in this hour.”


Ginger is a root and is filled with a bite of hot, spicy, sweet love, and the benefits of ginger are so numerous. Belly aches, nausea, and seasickness, antibacterial, helps the rid of parasites in the body and can be used as an anti-inflammatory. Raw is best, though it can be very hot and spicy on your taste buds (not like chilli), however, like a chilli, a little goes a long way or to your taste. It is brimmed with vitamins like Magnesium, Zinc Vitamin C, B’s including thiamine which is needed for the cells production and function. It’s a wonderful spice that has such great energy and value in your home.

For bloat, you can do a small nob of ginger and steep in hot water with half a juiced fresh lemon and drink before any coffee or black tea. I buy a 2-litre tub of raw honey from a local beekeeper, and I place a full large nob of ginger, peeled and cut roughly into it. I keep it in the dark for two weeks and then use the honey for tea or have a tablespoon of honey and ginger with hot water for just a boost and overall health drink in the morning. I am not a honey person, except when I use it this way or for making my kombucha. And I enjoy pickled ginger, ginger ale or a good ole alcoholic ginger beer.

In helping with your spiritual side, ginger is a zinger for love, abundance, self-worth and luck. So I would suggest drinking ginger tea or eating a piece of glaise ginger (that’s what we call it in Australia, but in other countries, you may call it candied) when you need to pull things together and up the energy within.
If you are trying to boost finances, place a ginger plant in your bedroom in the Northeastern corner of your room in the Southern Hemisphere. For those in the Northern hemisphere, put the plant in the Southeastern corner of your room. A healthy plant will boost the energy in that corner.

Coming soon….Ways to Revamp Your Protection, Love & Abundance Part 2

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