Personal Year Number Reading for 2023

2023, A Seven Year – Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

With 2023 approaching, I have put together my numerology for the year ahead.

Looking over it all, I find there are big change going to happen, if not already started from 2019. Over the past few years, many have made big changes in their lives, flung off the rose coloured glasses and taken steps to having control in their own lives, relationships and worked hard at keeping things together. BUT it still doesn’t feel its still right for many people, though they do many things out of love for others.

The seven year is going to be how you look deeper than you have up to now, within yourself. Finding your strengths, weaknesses, determination and abilities; connecting with yourself you’ve not experienced. Deep cleansing on a mental and psychical level. Each one of us must go through at different paces or progression. Once it begins, it will be hard to stop. If stopped, it will make your body and mind at a dis ease. That is DIS EASE not disease, feeling off, foggy, weary.

And throughout this, you will also come to a deeper conviction within, and confidence will build on a level that will upset some folks in your life who may find they don’t have the control they have had for a long time.

It is also a great year for encouragement for others. Your actions, that are positive, will shine forward. As an example, if you created a food forest or found inspiration in gardening, have great returns and share that abundance, you will have others wanting to do delve into it and they will come to you to ask your opinions and your enthusiasm.

Working Out Your Personal Number for 2023

How to Work Out Your Personal Year Number

To find out your Year Life Number for 2023, add your birth day, birth month and the year 2023 together until you get a single number, even if it is the numbers 11, 22 & 33. This is Personal Year number not a Life Path Number of

Example: If you were born on the 18 Nov.

1+8+1+1+2+0+2+3 = 18

1+8 = 9

9 will be your Personal Number for 2023.

Do not break down the numbers 11, 22 or 33 as these are Master Numbers, numbers of Enlightenment.

Personal Year 1

You have done a cycle of 1-9 and onto the new year with what you have been working on, but on a level where you are the Key Player, the Main Character to getting it to it up and running smoothly. Try not to let other people’s “lack of “(be it work ethics or their attitude) get you hot under the collar. BE COOL, this year.

2023 is about putting you as the priority and working on your inner self. Clarity will come home and you will know what you want this year and how. However, don’t lock yourself away and become cantankerous.

Saying “NO” to people is OK when it comes to you and your physical and mental health (please remember this). Let others do some adulting for their own issues.

But for most, it is about exploring yourself and getting goals kicked towards those dreams. Busy, Busy, Busy!

Personal Year 2

Do Not Fear Change! This is a time you will have the option of turning a new leaf or staying the same. Fear is the ego stopping us moving forward because it is comfortable where it is. But are you happy where you are? Do you want change? Do you need change?

Travel is on the Cards, giving you opportunities to see and experience what’s out there and work out a plan and find your niche in the year ahead. Try to budget as best as possible, yet spoil yourself every now and then on those occasions that will be special.

I feel that this year you will come away with a clearer version of yourself and find your truth and maybe a deeper sense of where you fit in the world.

Personal Year 3

Time to break down those dreams and goals into workable bite size numbers. If you do, then the world is your oyster this year! You have the energy to do it this year, but you get flustered and let things sleep for far too long, and second guess your abilities to achieve. Stop the rot with the thoughts this year. Power through them.

Socially you may have had a bit of a time out, however it may pick up more so with the dreams and goals you have. It’s ok to ask for assistance if you don’t understand something clearly. It doesn’t make you stupid or an idiot. BUT STAY ON THE ROAD!

It is also a good year to take a few little trips here and there and take a breather. Recharge.

Personal Year 4

2023 will see such leaps in bounds in so many aspects of your life, you will be giddy. Just don’t lose sight of those goals and dreams and do not be tempted for second best. This is a lucky year for you and things just click into place, though there are still a few bumps on the road at times.

Your hard work will pay off, but don’t blow it all. Be financially smart, be aware of others if you sit and listen to them carefully, and not to fall for the negativity of others who may be emotionally upset at you for moving forward and leaving them behind.

This is your path to take and if you want that success, you just have to collect yourself, put all your ducks in a row and go for it!

Personal Year 5

This year you will be on a path of creating what you want and not what you have been given. It’s a year of building, learning and stepping out of the box some people and yourself have placed yourself into. Be flexible in the changes and don’t think its not worth it or its too hard. You got this!

Any kind of bumps on the road will only give you the realisation that you can handle it, and you will learn to comply with the changes that come to you. Remember, that any mistakes we make we learn from it. Don’t beat yourself up on it.


Personal Year 6

If you have ever watched one of those renovation shows on flipping houses, I feel that 6’s will have the “Up and Go” to do this in 2023. Wanting, YEARNING to do something different from the work they have been doing. They are up for taking a chance, a gamble on making a new life on a new project and with a partner and working as a team.

I do feel that many 6’s will be all about their families this years also. Connecting, trips, history and becoming closer.

In all of this, your 2023 year will be more clearer on what you want and need in your life than ever before. It may be emotional at times, but a it will be a time you will know what you are made of and what you can do. Becoming more self-aware and conscious of your strengths and weaknesses and dealing with other people. It’s an Awakening time and some very fun times.

Personal Year 7

Big shifts for 7’s in 2023. All about the inner workings of yourself. I MEAN DEEP DEEP WORKINGS!

It’s very important for you to do so, or you will find that things will start to crack and seep out. There have been walls erected over the last few years and 2023 is going to push you, and at times very hard, to break them down and FOR YOU to look deep within.

How you do this will be up to you, but there is no way of getting away from it. The Universe will conspire to make you do the work. So you need to find ways of exploring what it is you need to free. My suggestion is The Camino de Santiago, which flashed in my mind straight away.

Once you free yourself from those constraints, you free yourself up to letting abundance and prosperity in. Be Brave, me Amigo!

Personal Year 8

In 2023, 8’s need to stop beating themselves up for the last few years. Let’s look at the future and forget the mistakes. Get over the shite and forgive yourself. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them. So, stop and… stop… and stop.

8’s need to focus on a new hobby or a project to move forward. Put the energy you put on the shite you’re doing, and put it into something that will grow and make an impact in your life and others. What you do will help others in their journey as well.

There has been this little seed of a thought you have had for such a long time. It has so much potential if you work on it and bring it to life. You have everything you need in yourself to assert yourself in the world. GO FOR IT!!!

Personal Year 9

2023 will be a year of CULLING, DECLUTTERING, ORGANISING YOUR HOUSEHOLD AND YOURSELF! It will be a year of cutting out the junk in your life, downsizing, finding the clarity in what is working for you and what is not.

This is an ending of a cycle for you. It is also a warning not to attach to trivial things in your life and to appreciate what you have. It could also mean a culling of relationships that don’t have the energy or relationships that have outgrown each other. This could be friendships, parteners, even family members that hold and extract toxicity and you have normalised.

It may not be the easiest year, and there are many long hours of thinking involved in coming to decisions, but 2023 may free you on many levels.

Personal Year 11

For an 11 year you’ll be sharp in your intuitions for 2023 and in doing so, you will bombarded with lots of emotions. Other peoples mostly. So you need to find a way to sift out what is your emotions you are experiencing or another persons energy. This is a year of learning to protecting your own energy and attaining the power to push other energy away that is intrusive. You may have days of highs and lows with this journey, but it will only make you more stronger in dealing with people.

Your goals may be obtained, but really this year is about your works on your power.

Personal Year 22

This year will be the year you will be a magnet to those I call “Unintentionals“; those who give the old “woe is me” and listen to no one but are constantly whinging about everything and anything and all to you. You will need to close off the energy to people like this and cleanse your energy when you are cornered by people like this. They are definitely not spiritual or they would see what they do with their energy. They will suck the life out of you if boundaries are not made.

The year will see a trip or two that will give you a shake off of pent up energy and emotions. Money may be tight but you will find ways to make your dollar stretch. I suggest you need to either do vlogs, blogs on you stretching that cash. More and more the ideas will show you a life that you have a future with. Feels good.

Personal Year 33

I have always found that 33 is a half of the numerals 88, great feng shui numbers. For you, 2023 will be one of walking a path and having so many things falling at your feet, it will be a bit giddy. But my word is – choose something you can work with and put the time and energy into. If you have too many things happening, it will be a mess.

Nice year for partnerships – in love and work. Balance is needed with the love and the work parts of your life. But 2023 will be a lovely year of beginnings.


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