Why We Need to Protect and Defend our Energy

Three Women in Profile (1890-1900) Henry Somm

Everyone Should Practice to Protect and Defend their Energy

There is no right or wrong in putting up some defences to protect your energy. However, I have found that if you don’t at least try, even once a month, you leave yourself open. And when I say open, I mean you are open to things that could hook into your energy, like other people’s emotions, those feelings of being drained and feeling fuzzy in the head.

You can also leave yourself open to having darker lower vibrational energies latching onto you and burrowing down into your power that can last a long time. And you may not even know for that time that something has attached until it has the energy to show itself and provoke havoc. 

By learning positive habits, which you could do every day or every couple of weeks, you will find a boost in yourself and begin to see how much is taken by others when you are in their company or in areas that suck the life out of you. For example, if I go food shopping, I have to whammy up, or I will find that I get dizzy and feel drained. It took me a while to understand what was happening. The energy of the lights, the people, the noise, and the particular areas, drained me. Deflector Shields on, Captain!

Learning to Protect and Defend your energy brings back your power. Your power is yours and yours alone. It is not to yield to anyone or anything. I watch many young people on Paranormal shows telling spirits to use their energy to communicate. HELLO! Stop being idiots and doing this! It teaches other young people it is ok to do this when it is so wrong!

Protecting Yourself is about Safeguarding your Energy.

Defending Yourself is about Prevention from Outside Influences.

Over the years, I have dealt with many people doing healings and readings. I have found that many people fall into three categories mostly, which I will mention soon.

However, lots of us have tendencies that touch each type of classifications I use.

So you may see things that may come up with some qualities in one or all three with yourself and with other people.

But the end goal in this blog is making you aware of kinds of energies people come across and how they affect your energy.

I will write on other energies, but today we focus on the three today.


As with all energy, you can either take it, leave it or send it. 

Unfortunately, the ones I call the “Unenlightened” or “Cling-Ons” take energy at a dizzying rate. Sometimes I think they are ignorant of the effects they have on people, while other times, they fully know the situation.

These folks are gossips, people who like to slag off others who may be doing things well in their life – non-supporters of those doing better than them. They constantly groan and moan about others; they will never listen to your story with full attention or connection. You must be there for them 24-7 to hear their lousy luck story. 

You will never see the genuine person often or their underlying emotions inside of them, which may shock you as being kind of dark at times. They can be particularly draining with their ongoing problems, and all responsibility is never theirs if the shit hits the fan. It’s always someone else’s fault. Can be very pushy in their demands and demands in public. (eye roll)

Drama is their middle name, and they thrive on it. They never really take the initiative to take control of situations, allowing others to come to their rescue. They can also be very needy emotionally – because people let them. 

Often folks let the Unenlightened walk over boundaries because they are too much to deal with. 

They’ll ask for advice but never take it, and you start to cringe when they call or pop in. Some come in the package of hypochondriacs, and they will always put your problems aside for their own as they are not listeners or carers. They are incredibly challenging people. No matter what you present to them in helping themselves, they will not accept that what you are offering is to help them help themselves. 

Deep inside, there is someone pleasant, even lovely at times, but there is a constant need to have attention, which stems from childhood and loneliness. And never think they are too childish or silly to work things out in what they want. They have strong tunnel vision in getting what they want, can even be aggressive in achieving.

They are mentally, physically and spiritually problematic, but I am afraid they are people in our families and circle of acquaintances sometimes.

If you deal with this kind of person, the best thing is to either cut ties with them to get your power back, or really set boundaries that you must enforce on them, so that get the picture you are not mucking around no more. Set times and days when they can visit. Keep calls to the point and same for messaging. You control the situation. I also Reiki the calls and the person, blocking any and all of their energy that is not on par with my own.

If you cannot cut off ties, I find that Shielding and preparing prior to them visiting or you visiting them you should be committed to. I find two things eventually happening.

  1. They step back from you and eventually move onto someone else to cling onto
  2. They abide by those boundaries and their attitude changes in when they are around you

Bite Not!

PSYCHIC VAMPIRES – I’m sure you have heard of “Psychic Vampires“, who are the abusers of energy and who use power for their ego. They don’t have to be psychic to do this; it is the energy they bleed from people on a psychic level which is why they are called this. 

Two of the most vital tools of a Psychic Vampire’s kit is Fear and Guilt. PV will shove that down your throat to get what they want or use it at a time you’re vulnerable and exposed.

They thrive on power and intimidation to achieve it and conspire to control. They can be passive-aggressive bullies, critical and devalue anything you like or goals you have reached. PV’s are usually intelligent on many levels, be they academic or streetwise. However, they feel threatened when someone new enters the limelight or attention is deflected from them, making them very unstable and unpredictable.

Psychic Vampires are strong in manipulating situations but can be charismatic and seem genuine at times. People will sometimes overlook this kind of behaviour, and because of this. PV’s push the boundaries to get what they want. However, most people like to see the good in most people, and PV’s understand this and use this. That is why they come across as legitimate when they show you that side of themselves, which in itself is fake.

“Will you walk into my parlour?” said a spider to a fly;
” ‘Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy.
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I have many pretty things to shew when you are there.”

These types of people are tough to crack to get through to and will use stored information you may have said to them in confidence against you, even if you are at a low ebb in your life. They abuse and have no feelings towards another unless they can get something from that relationship. They will beat you down with authority, influence, privilege, draining you until you are of no use to them.

Proceed with Caution on all levels with people such as these. They have a warped sense of thinking at times and can become very consumed and obsessed with things. They can be family members, friends, associates. My advice is to have minimal contact with anyone like this if you can – minimal. If you cannot cut that person off, then shield up and put into that shield as much repellant against their energy. Remember, they may know things you feel is private and they will use this against you without blinking or feeling bad, this is why you should be very careful with people like this.

I do think everyone in their life, comes up and face people like this. But what I have found is that Psychic Vampires dislike being ignored, worshiped in a sense. They despise others getting ahead in life, so living a good life without them is crucial to overcoming their overburdening energy and their need to take your energy. Their loss of control can make them angry and they will lose composure, lose that mask that they show the world.

Cutting them off completely is one way, if you can. It is hard when it is loved ones, but you have to ask yourself if you could survive x-amount more years of their BS. Your sanity and life must be seen as being just as important.

I do the Name in the Freezer protection first up, and depending how strong the person is, I do this every week. The Name in the Freezer kind of helps you and the other person to freeze the thoughts of each other. Then I do the Blue Light Candle spell of protection and defence to sever their control. I would do this every week as well, not that you are trying to connect with the person, but to make sure that there is never a participation again with one another.

Give A Lot!

HEALERS come in all different packages. But one thing in common is that they all have big hearts. Healers are usually oblivious that they are Healers and have this power they hold within them. 

Some can be a little scatty at times; others a little more controlled, yet they all have a good sense of humour and enjoy a good chin wag, not to gossip, but to learn about people, get a feel on people, their story and the emotions – They Care. 

They are the ones who love to feed the masses, help animals in need, put the band-aid on and give a kiss, make things fun for family and friends, be a shoulder to cry on, hold secrets, and have a need to fix things. 

Healers are sensitive and can get hurt in giving so much of themselves. However, they are not as foolish as some may think if looking at the surface of a person. Intelligence does live and thrive within many, but they don’t give themselves credit often. 

Healers rely a lot on their gut instincts, signs or experiences to help them in helping and healing others, even on a subconscious level. They know what to do without being told a lot of the time. However, they do second-guess themselves when they are right in the beginning.

Some Healers allow people to step over their boundaries to “keep the peace“. I won’t say they are manipulated, but more bullying tactics are employed using their caring and loving natures, which can also be a painful experience when exploited. However, there are times when Healers will stop and take back their power. GO, YOU GOOD THING!

A lot of time, a Healer will suffer in silence and carry on like usual, though. That is because many times, as I have mentioned, Healers don’t understand that they are Healers and have not understood their own power within. 

Many Healers will hook up with a partner with some need to be mothered. And they do this very well to the point of the needy taking advantage of this, and many times I have seen the partner will leave them for someone younger or exciting and sexy. So used up and thrown away without another thought after years and years of devotion, it is so upsetting and frustrating to see such people go through this. They lose their confidence, curl up inside themselves, and don’t want the world to see them as the failure they think they are. They need boosting up, to be helped in finding their power but they are not clingy like Cling-Ons. They are appreciative in the actions other do for them.

Taking time out for themselves and saying NO to people more is needed for Healers

Finding balance in their relationships is needed for these types of people. Being motherly is lovely, but in relationships with a partner is a NO-NO. Get your groove back on.

The Cleopatra Bath will help invoke this gradually.

Doing on-going habits of Protection and Defence of people trying to take advantage and your energy will see a great shift for Healers.


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