Cord Cutting: The Diet to Downsizing Junk Attachments

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Cords; To Cut or Not To Cut

I am explaining to those who are beginners and want to know more on the process. Research is key when it comes to doing things on a level that is for your highest good, but make sure this particular healing is for you.

Cord cutting is the psychic healing technique of detaching debilitating or draining energy cords that are hooked into you on a auric, etheric or on a psychic level. The detaching of the cord or cords helps you on many levels i.e mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or all four states.

Cord Cleansing is the technique of cleaning and healing the cord psychically.

All energy connects, whether we are in the astral or not.  If we could view ourselves from outside, we may be surprised to see just what we may be getting energy from and vice-versa. You may see an intertwined roadmap of different currents, showing different colours and at different frequencies. 

We have cords that connect to our chakras and they in turn to our relationships and that is anyone you come into contact regularly; even the people you buy coffee in the mornings from or the people you work with.

How we obtain cords is that we are either born with the cords to those whom we call family, and then there are those we pick up through other means like relationships, working relationships or associating with people, even on the level of psychic attachments or attacks.

But do we need to cut them off completely? Well, in certain cases, Yes I think so. If they are detrimental to the wellbeing of a person, they need to go.

We all know everyone grows emotionally or mentally at different levels and at different stages in their life. And in that growth we can sometimes leave people behind; new jobs, new friendships, new energies.

In doing this healing for so many years now, I find this can cause some of the biggest frictions in people’s lives and certain energies will grow from it, and attachments being made from everyone’s smelly perfume – Fear. When a person grows and then relationships fizzle or ends, cords can still be attached and still sucking energy from a person, unknowingly or knowingly. And this could be years later and other relationships established.


Lady comes to me, having been recommended from her friend, who I had seen a few weeks prior. She asked me if I could see if she had an attachment of some kind and just a basis look over. She never went into much details, but I felt she had an agenda. I explained my technique and she was ok with it and was kind of short with me, like for me to get on with it.

So started and as soon as I got to look at her, there was this very large cord coming out of her heart chakra that looked like it was made of Tarzan rope, a vine that had beetles running up and down it and it was dark and it was very strong when I pulled it. I explain to the woman what I have found and I felt a shift of energy like panic. I even peeked down at her and saw that she was all tensed up, her hands in fists.

I got back into the mediation and then follow the vine, telling the woman what I was doing and she started to breath like she was going to panic. I placed my hand on her shoulder, putting Reiki into her and told her that it would be ok and that nothing was going to harm her in any way and that she needed to slow down the breathing. She did after a time and then said I would tell her what I saw at the end.

Well, I found at the end of that vine a very ugly hairy little man, naked, who had tattoos all over his arms. You might put him as a gorilla type body with his arms and legs and he had a tiny pecker. He had sharp teeth and snarled all the time.

As I was describing the man, my hand still on her shoulders, she was starting to tense up and breath heavy again until I said he was naked and had a tiny pecker. Well, she burst out laughing and said “OMG, you describing my x-partner”. I told her to tell me later, but let’s get rid of him. So we did the healing and some other stuff to cleanse, and then she was taken to the river to the other energies and healed some more. When she came out of it, she had tears rolling down her face.

I let her lay there and she explained without me coaxing her that she had run away from her x-partner with her only child, many years ago and that the x-partner proclaimed if he found her, he would make her pay for it. They had been living in Northern Queensland in the tropics where they had a property with lots of rainforest. Her husband liked to walk around naked on their property, pull the vines from trees and like Tarzan, yahooing and swinging from them. And she hated the rainforest because of all the creepy crawlies that were everywhere and came into the house. Their relationship was him domineering her, keeping her far from her family, always accusing her of sleeping with other men and getting physical at times. Her son was two when she left having got her father to pick her up when her partner was out fishing one weekend. Her son was now twenty-three at that time of the healing and both of them never looked back or made contact with him ever again.

Except she would have these panic attacks all the time when he, the x-partner would come to mind and she would feel threatened, even when he still lived up the North and she in the South. And though she was only with him for four years, when she had relationships with other men, she said it was like her x-partner was there all the time in those relationships and making her feel so unworthy and fragile… and so the relationships would sour.

She had heard her friend tell her of this type of healing and even though she was sceptical, she wondered if I could find something. I asked her to keep me updated on her progress after the healing and she did for about six weeks and where she was having panic attacks from two to three a week prior to one in the last month, which she said was from her son getting injured in a motorbike accident. And most of all, she could sense her thought patterns changing and that the x-partner was no longer a threat or it felt like the energy of him was around her harassing her. He was gone.

What Do Cord Look Like?

When looking at cords, they come in different shapes and forms. I have seen thin silvery or gold cords, to thicker white tubes, to jelly-like, fractioned tubes with rainbow colours. They usually sit around the heart or bellybutton area, but I have seen them coming from the top and lower back areas as well as the head and bottom half of the torso.

They connect from one person to another, e.g mother to daughter or to son. Yet I have seen ones that connect to darker energies and it can take me a long time to follow the cord to the end to see what is there. As soon as I find one of these, usually the colour of the cord will be discoloured and dank. They can sometimes hide when I am scanning; like under another cord like a suckerfish. This is why scanning first up and really looking is key to a good healing.

If I find cords that are clean and bright, I know that it is bringing about good vibes, clarity, and well-being, that the persons energy is high. Dirty or darker cords can look heavy, and they bring about a discord energy in the emotions like jealousy, anger, bitterness, bringing energy into the body and that has the potential to make you feel out of whack.

Now there are cords that are really dark and lead to darker energies. Some of these can look quite mechanical or industrial in looks like a rusted pipeline. These are attachments or can be a psychic attack of some kind. They will definitely drain a person from their energy on a regular basis. These really are for pro’s to tackle, and I suggest going to someone to do this or have someone who is more adept to this type of healing to help you.

Explaining The Extra Healing

Another part of my healing process is that I send my clients within that healing to a group of other healers. And I have to say that each client has expressed a great experience with that. I only lead them to the energies and then wait for them to return when finished, and clients will openly convey their encounters after they are ready to come out of the healing. Each have different occurrences with the energies and most come away with a feeling of great connection.

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I usually can’t say exactly until I am in the healing who will come and do this “Extra Healing“. However, I thought it important for those who do healing to understand that there can be an intervention from a higher power, on another level. I have done this healing now for 22 years and I find that it works well.

So, when I have a client on the table, and we have gone through as far as I can go with the healing, I will lead the person to a river or a body of water. Most times it is a river, but I have been taken to a beach or a large lake area, but always water is nearby. I feel that water is an important conduit for the healing.

Now most times they can be like rainbow coloured energies, other times they come to me as First Nation peoples of different lands. Usually, there is like a village of women, men and children all doing their normal daily routines, kids playing, women with babies, men fixing things around their homes. In that said, a group or one person will come forward and they will reach out and take the person and I usually stay on the river waiting for the healing to be done and then bring that person back, or they will let me observe the healing.

I remember doing a healing for a girlfriend of mine who had bronchitis and I was allowed to go with her to the healing area they had this particular time. They laid her down on lots of soft furs and took her top off and the women helping, all started laughing at my friends breasts being smallish compared to the women who were in the healing. They were given by the medicine healing man a bowl of this gunk and the women had to rub this on her chest, neck and back, all making jokes, not in a bad way, but it was funny.

So, the healing is given, performed and then when they finish, they will bring back the person and then we come back to our reality. Now on the times I am to stay at the river, the person goes off, they will recount what happened, having recalled all that they went through. And they may or may not get a message as well. It’s usually a good experience all round.

Note to Reader

You must remember that balance with anything is key. Too much of a good thing can be harmful, so we must treat each cord accordingly for that person. Think of this as pruning a fruit tree to bear a sweeter crop. Clipping the right branches will bring fruit but snipping the wrong ones will lead to an over indulging plant with no fruit.

But before we jump to the removal or cleansing of a cord or cords, I need to clarify something.

Some cords you cannot be remove due to the affiliation you have with that person during this lifetime. I have seen people try to remove cords of people they no longer want in their lives and when they go back, its there again. This could be due to karmic reasons or by birth. But there are ways to keep these cords in check when you are dealing with them. As an example, you may not speak to one of your parents or siblings due to family upset and yet the cord is there. I personally would cleanse the cord and yet, put a pinch on it or a peg to slow down the connection. Even though you are connected by birth, the line is not open for energy sharing.


With any type of healing, room and your surrounds must be of a nature that is not pumping out a lot of EMF’s, electrical currents or noise from outside like the kids running amok or a tv blaring.

A Clean room, clean massage table, linen, and if you want to have candles so be it – but not something that is synthetic in smell as this is terrible for the body. Music can play, but softly in the background. If you live where heating or cooling needs to be used, then place where the noise of the item will not interfere with the healing.

Make the client comfortable on the table with a pillow, as they will be facing upwards. I place a light blanket over the client, as I have found that people do get cold in the healing process.

First things first when we get into the healing. Protection, protection, protection! White light the whole room and yourself and of course your client. Bring in the healing powers you may be associated with and have that help on hand.

I usually have a client on the massage table and have my hands just off the top of their head or ears, as if doing Reiki. Then I start.

When I do any kind of cord cleansing or cord cutting, I scan the person after a process of tapping into their energy and seeing what we are dealing with. Scanning is me psychically tapping into the clients energy and seeing their Etheric body with Aura and cords. It takes a lot of practice to do this with meditation, but it is such a great thing to learn to do. It becomes second nature if you practice and it starts to pick up on things quite quickly.

If I find a dirty looking cord to someone that is a loved one, I will speak to the client, (and I speak to them throughout the process, to make sure we are on the same page with the healing and that the cleansing comes not only from myself, but from the client too).

If I find there are cords that are attached and no reason to be there, then they will be removed. This can be by using a psychic knife or tool of some kind that presents itself. And things like this do present themselves to you when you are the healer. Again the client is part of the removal of anything, explaining everything, asking them how they feel throughout.

I am one to call upon Archangel Michael in providing the guidance to banish the cord, to help heal my client and to guide the client to protect themselves from further attachments. You may use any deity you are feeling connected to in this healing process.

Another part of my healing process is that I send my clients within that healing to a group of other healers. And I have to say that each client has expressed a great experience with that. I only lead them to the energies and then wait for them to return when finished, and clients will openly convey their encounters after they are ready to come out of the healing. Each have different occurrences with the energies and most come away with a feeling of great connection.

Notes With The Healing To Observe

This type of healing does take around 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on the client. When a client is finished with the healing, you should ask them to slowly get up and that a glass of water is given. Many will have a great thirst, but it is also to ground them.

They must not get up quickly or walk away as they will buckle at the knees. You must give the client at least 5-15 minutes after the healing to not feel light headed, heavy bodied, hit by a Mac truck feel or symptoms of a head cold coming on.

Which brings me to the next thing: Some people may have symptoms of a head cold after the healing as they are removing things that may have been attached for a long time. So you must tell them in the next few days to keep warm or to regulate their health so that the symptoms do not exacerbate.

Aura Tears and Holes

When a cord is removed, it will leave a hole in your aura. My practice is in the mediation is that I will heal it as best as possible and then the client will need to physically bathe for the next two weeks with apple cider vinegar and/or sea salt baths or showers. Another way is to swim in sea water during those two weeks or make a salt spray, which I have recipe for at the bottom of this page.

Smudging with sage or a strong herbal smudge will be beneficial as well, but this will not heal it entirely. Eating well is a must, and tapping into meditation will boost the healing and show you where you are in healing of tear or hole. Try to abstain from any alcohol or drugs on any level during this period of healing.

Use for when auras are feeling weak and have tears or holes, or when you just need a pick me up.


If you learn to practice mediation and really start to look around automatically of your mediation surroundings, then this is a great start in learning to heal.

If you have any queries to the healing technique I have given, please feel free to contact me through this blog.

Happy Days to You


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