Your Personal Year Number For 2022 Forecast

How to Work Out Your Personal Number:

A Personal Year Number is part of a yearly cycle in Numerology and the energy it brings.

How to Calculate your Personal Year Number is so:

Take your Date of Birth + Month + 2022 is how you achieve your Year Number.

As an example: 10 April 2022

1+0+0+4+2+0+2+2+2 = 11

Being the number 11, a Master Number, we do not add together to make two. Double numbers stay as they are. These are called Master Number i.e. 11, 22, 33 etc. They are two sided in their energy as they can be positive and negative in their power which they hold. But they have more potential than a single numeral.

Another example: 21 June 2022

2+1+0+6+2+0+2+2 = 15

1+5 = 6 (this would be their number for the year)

Your Forecast For 2022


If your number is One, this year is about starting fresh either in your goals, home life, romantic or work partnerships. Things will change, go up a notch and you may feel at times very lonely in your achieving things. But balance is needed to accomplish what you need to do to get established. People may be needy for your time, and you will have to juggle to please some people to have the time to work on your goals. You can do this! Your determination for this year will give you greater freedom than you thought possible. You will start to see that you can do anything and find faith in those abilities. You will be a Tour de Force!


Number Two is about perseverance, but you have to slow down a bit and not be so pushy on wanting results yesterday. You have a few things on the go, your mind a little scattered. You need to stop and take a step back and see what you should be looking at first and finish it before going onto another job. Number Two people this year will be like busy bees and may not be observant of certain particulars, especially paperwork. Make sure you double-check your work. Inspirations will pop up in your mind all year, so have a notebook handy to write down and revert to, as some will certainly come to bear fruit. Do not let stress take the front row seat in your year. Find ways to decrease this and enjoy moments in nature to cut those stress levels right down. Try not to be so overly busy that you get nowhere. This year is a productive year for you, but balance is needed to preserver to the end goal.


Number Three people this year will have a lot of creativity around them. But they need to find their genre and go with it. There could be a study coming up to achieve this, and doors will open in their minds and other work opportunities. And being creative also goes with relationships and keeping them on an even keel. Fear is an emotion that needs dealing with for Number Three people. They want to put themselves out there, i.e., work, study, and relationships, yet they sometimes find it hard to express themselves in a misunderstood manner and take the wrong way. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Do not stress and make yourself so tied up that you make yourself sick or hide from people. Come out of your shell and find out that people think you are more interesting than you thought.


Number Four people will be going through the questions of who they are and where they are heading this year. It may take a bit to conquer fears and obstructions, but there will be the breaking down of barriers, that is for certain. However, be realistic in achieving goals this year and not lump yourself with more work than necessary. Number Four people will be very busy this year, but a health warning for those who over do it. Your body will tell you when it needs rest and you need to listen. And during this period of being busy, you must take care to be diligent in your work and not overlooking important issues, or it will come back to haunt you.


Number Five, people will have the bug to pack up and hit the road. The urge to disconnect from the rat race and experience new things, new people and new places is in their veins. Of course, Five People will have concerns about finances, but this opens the door to different opportunities and lifestyles, and there will be opportunities there to scoop up. Five people will awaken to the knowledge that their life was restricted more than they realised. Now they understand that it was not wholly the truth; they want to break free. They know that they have more to give with these new feelings and ambitions. They are at the crossroads of their future. I must say, though, that these are inspiring times for Number Fives!


Number Six, people will be responsible for their home or work life and a need for balance and restructure will come into play. Many are called upon by many to help fix “things” and relied upon for their knowledge, giving a Number Six person very little time for themselves. Six people are worldly and may have decided to live a life that is part natural and easy to live in; A hobby farm or a small acreage. They enjoy family and friends, but on a bigger scale, so they also could delve into BnB’s or boutique stays. Being self-reliant is a big part of a Number Six person energy this year, and they have the nerve and the gall to achieve anything. They have a network of people to help as well. Finances will be something they may struggle with, but that will grow.


This year for Number Sevens, it could be more complicated than most when searching for inner truths and opening Pandora’s box of secrets. This year required Number Sevens to find their own independence instead of relying on others to fix things. It is a time for expanding their minds, learning new things, and planning. The reversal of roles comes into play also by supporting others who supported you. It is also a time to contemplate the wrong doings over the last few years that has lead to strains and pains; learning to forgive others and yourself. Quietening the mind and the constant overthinking will be key to getting through some tough times. Find the solitude and be present for yourself this year.


Number Eight people will achieve more this year than ever before. They work on something, with no procrastinating! They have done the hard yards from their year seven and are looking to live more freely than in the constraints of their expectations. This year, confidence and boldness will be part of their energy, and it’s not to say they are cocky, but they are so secure in themselves. They aim for something, and they will achieve it. There are no hang-ups with a Number Eight this year, so roll with it and enjoy.


Number Nine people will have a few anxious moments during the year. Nine people need to reign in their lives this year that have spiralled of late. Past triggers need dealing with, and attention to jobs and bills in the home front. Maybe the thought of selling a home you lived-in for numerous years with ongoing upkeep is weighing you down, but there is enormous emotional attachment to it. Maybe getting rid of an X-Partner’s leftovers in the house is there reminding you of what was. IT IS TIME. That is what you need to realise. IT IS TIME. It will be an end of an era of what they were taught, what they were emotionally attached to, so to bring in a fresher future that, deep down, they long for. It’s just that things got so overwhelming. Everything that no longer serves must be closed off, which will open new doors of opportunities in turn. Fresh starts. But there is a long way to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Don’t procrastinate, set yourself goals to get it done. Ask for help, and you will receive it..


Number Eleven is a Master Number that is two-sided like a coin – As Above So Below. Being a Master Number, it will push you, so you must learn to harness the energy and put to use, or a feeling of unrest and emptiness will effect them. Eleven’s will find different degrees of clarity throughout the year, due to becoming more connected to the universe and opening up to their powers – very potent and a great growth cycle. They will be elevated to a more mature stage of their life. If a Number Eleven person wishes to achieve something this year, it would be best to do so with another person, as it will help in the growth of that goal. Number Eleven people will know the right things at the right time to assist in achieving that combined work or enterprises. It is also though the Number Eleven that they will be beneficial to others in finding their own paths. Eleven’s have an observant eye and can see talent and abilities in others and can help those who need that little push of support towards those gifts. Warnings though! Eleven’s will leave themselves open for people to use their good nature, and they are advised to set boundaries this year that will not be overstepped. Number Elevens should also take heed not to divulge too much about their own life to a new person, who may use it against them.


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