New Moon: Time To Get Serious

🌑The first new moon of January 2022 will be on the 3rd and in ♑️Capricorn.
🌑This is a moon of reflection, not only on how far we have come in our journey over the last few years but spiritually.
🔮The card of Wisdom or High Priestess is connected to this new moon and growing spiritual awareness. It is a card that asks you to look deep within to help yourself and expand, maybe even teaching your new awareness.
🔮♑️Capricorn energy is driven and tries hard to be streamlined. Use this energy to switch on to what it is you are driving towards.
🔮The time for procrastination is over and it is time to get serious in moving towards what it is we wish to achieve.
🔮Inspiration and Creativity are running deep in many people and from this, great things will come forward to help others I feel.
🔮This year will be a very feminine one, and yet, this energy will not be up for people’s bullshit and lies. This will be felt in this new moon and there may be some tiff’s, niggles, arguments on boundaries being stepped over and reestablished…but on a tighter reign.
🔮Best to you all in your endeavours if you have set goals and have dreams to accomplish. You are in control this year, and let no one take your power. 💖


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