Understanding Psychic Attacks

Part of the Protection Series

What is a Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack is a torpedo of negative energy discharged via consciousness through rituals or words aimed at a person’s emotional, physical, spiritual, financial or mental state. It can come as an attachment or an attack via the ether or cosmos, and to the destination it was intended for.

Those who intentionally set about to construct ways and means like this are devious. Those unintentionally sending bad juju are ignorant to the facts of their thoughts, but that does not mean it’s ok. These violations (and they are a violation) can be frightening and extremely upsetting for the receiver.

Therefore, the offences need to be seriously looked upon and dealt with either yourself or with help. Learning to defend yourself should be your first line in psychic protection, so to give you peace of mind, security and confidence.

The Basics of Understanding Energy & How It’s Used

We are Energy Beings, comprised of intensified energy that runs high and low, depending on our environment. From the very core of us to the outer layers of our Auras, we vibrate with energy.

Everything vibrates at one speed or another, from tree to rock to a person, and we all have levels of frequencies of energy. It is like a circuitry of our thoughts governing our vibrational energy to our psyche, or principles controlling how we live our lives in the present.

This energy also radiates and connects with corresponding energies from people, animals and even items around us. So, when you meet new people and feel like you have a connection, this is energy linking.

It can also give false positives in that respect as well. People with addictions that attract the same energy as persons with identical or similar addictions. That energy is destructive in the sense that they all approve of each other’s habits. That approval is also for their actions within that whole spectrum of being an addict, knowing that it is dangerous to their health or others. But it’s the approval energy that matters only, so they continue the course they have chosen because it’s been approved by those around them. That is why it’s so hard to get through to them when trying to help. Your energy is not what they are looking for in approving their addiction.

What Are Some Symptoms of a Psychic Attack?

  • Nightmares – Dreaming of very frightening and unpleasant dreams of being attacked, stalked, tormented. 
  • Second Guessing Yourself – Doubt creeps into your mind regularly. It begins to take hold when you are usually confident and strong.
  • Sense of Being Watched – Niggling feeling that something is around you and seeing things from your peripheral
  • Agitated – You become more and more flustered and angry for no reason
  • Emotional – Crying and finding fault with yourself all the time.
  • Pinning Down – Some call it “Sleep Paralysis” which some will disagree with my classing as an attack.
  • A person you have had issues with – they are continuously popping into your mind, dreams and conversations.
  • A constant barrage of bad luck of breakages, car issues, electrical’s in the home, finances.
  • Constant lethargic feelings, even though your health seems fine.
  • Gut feeling that something is not right

Watch What You Think

Photo by Ekaterina on Pexels.com

When it comes to Psychic Attacks, I believe that everyone has done it in one sense or another. Had arguments, been belittled, embarrassed, someone did something to hurt you. We then go into this rage mode, with our thoughts wanting to retaliate. Those thoughts and words then manifest into energy, and off they go into the cosmos. If you ever heard the saying, “Watch what you say,” well really, it should be “Watch what you think”.

My own experience was not too long ago, back in 2018. A woman I thought as a friend took offence off me asking a question to one of her posts on social media. She blocked me – no biggie, but then blamed my best friend, and one of her best friends that she had put me up to question her statement. And then it started. Now I live eleven hours away from where this lady was. In the ten years I knew her, we all knew she had been doing witchcraft and she was an exceptional medium. Our connection in all the time we met up was usually healing, with some psychic stuff. We looked into different healing modalities and what worked and didn’t. Working in youth services, I had helped her with her eldest son with his high school when he got into trouble. We all used to joke around and have good laughs. But something changed. I put the incident out of my mind entirely until my friend rang me.

In twenty-four to forty-eight hours, the first thing to start at me were the nightmares and pretty horrid ones at that. They are the type that you have to force yourself to wake up, try and think of something good, and when you do go back to sleep, you are back in the nightmare. Next was TV, iron, ceiling lights, fans dying, Electric jug, lamps flickering. I do live in an old house. However, this came at me at a rate of three-four things a day going haywire. Then the noises, knocks and shadows began to appear. Even as I write this the past couple of days, the noises, bangs, and knocking has started again but only in our spare bedroom.

Deep down, I knew it was her doing this, but I didn’t want to believe it. I could not believe that she was that angry over my comment. My denial was working overtime. Within weeks, I was near in ruin and I had to get a grip back on my life. When I wasn’t completely exhausted, I’d mediate. But I kept coming up with nothing and the more I kept meditating the more I got frustrated. So eventually I took time out and finally did my Blue Light Candle spell, and all the darkness melted away and then I could see.

I was in a clearing in bushland and to my left was a slight embankment with lots of scrub going down it. I could see myself surrounded by a shimmering light that moved when I did. As I was looking at this light, up out of the embankment came running a woman. Her dark hair was flaying, and her clothes were tattered and torn. She was screaming like a banshee running at me. I remember that I physically cringed in my mediation as she came at me, but when she got to the light, it hit her and sent her sprawling on her arse, making her scream and threaten me all the louder.

She walked around me trying to find a way in, and in me, something said, stay strong and I did. The more I looked at this creature, the more it reminded me of this woman who was angry at me. The creature she sent was like her “BullyGirl” at me to pay the rent, so to speak. It dawned on me that this woman was absolutely raging at me. This thing she sent to me was top-notch attachment horror material, and truth be known, I was a little unsettled. What would make her so angry to send something like this? What was going on in her mind that could bring us to this point?

When this creature couldn’t find anywhere to get through to me, she slinked off, still screaming and cursing me. Then, finally, she stood back near the embankment, crouched down and watched me.
I will say that I haven’t fully gotten rid of the hag, as I see her in the edges of my mediations, pacing back and forth like a wild animal. I keep my defences up and do cleansing if I feel anything coming around me. My two best friends, who are experienced mediums, also help me. With our circle of three, we work extremely well in healing and removing things. And I will do a big psychic cleanse since little things are being triggered again.

By understanding energy exchange, we can start to get an idea of the impacts between people. It also helps in knowing the level of energy we need to defend ourselves. In my next article, I will go into further into this.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

If you do think you are dealing with something of other worldly, it would be in your best interest to seek a professional that deals in this type of issue to look at it. But in the mean time, look at doing at home cleanses in Fall in Love with Spiritual Cleansing or Psychic Attacks: Shielding Strategies For Beginners

Please note: I have mentioned this in previous articles when writing about otherworldly things that not everything is a Psychic Attack or has anything to do with anything paranormal. By removing the layers, what could be left may have nothing to do with otherworldly. So make sure that you do a thorough look when wanting to know what is happening in your home or around you.


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