How To Put The Freeze On A Psychic Attack


When it comes to anything associated with Psychic or Paranormal, people should first define what is going on in their immediate environment before making a call on anything. Ask yourself and check:

  • Has your health been good?
  • Are you anxious about everyday things, family, loved ones, work, finances?
  • Do you sleep well and have you always?
  • Do you sleep with electric sockets near your bed?
  • Do you place phones or tablets near you at night?
  • Do you have a television in your room?
  • Do you have large electronics in the home?
  • Do you snack before bed or eat after 7 pm?

These are just some questions I like to ask people before they go charging into a situation that there is no need to. Our homes these days have a lot of EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Fields) that are invisible energy called radiation. In most homes, there are low-level EMF’s, but it can still make people fuzzy in the head, dizzy, anxious, even sick. Here are just a few:

  • Cell phones
  • TV’s
  • Microwaves
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Lighting
  • Powerlines
  • Computers

These are what some would call everyday essentials, and you need to consider before thinking something or someone is attacking you, are these things affecting you? You may consider the health benefits of either removing certain items away at times, especially when sleeping, and the longterm use to see if this makes any difference in your life.

However, if you really have that deep down gut feeling someone is doing something or you are having trouble with a person or persons, the best thing in my books is to put their name in the freezer.

It is one of the easiest things to do and it works wonders. Having them in there does three things:

  • Subconsciously: it is me putting a situation to bed
  • Physically: it is me seeing me deal with it in a positive way
  • Spiritually: it is me closing off the doorway for their negativity encroaching my boundaries

When doing this incantation you are doing the three things mentioned above. However, the sending back is not done in any malicious context, but in a genial way.

To achieve an ongoing positive outcome, you need to also visualise the intent of what the goal is you are wanting to achieve – peace of mind, hassle free life. Then you put that positive energy towards your goal and it will manifest.

Name in the Freezer

What You Need:

1 x Piece of Paper to write on 1 x Pen or Marker Pen
1 x Ziplock Lunch Bag
1 x Blue Light Candle

Light the Blue Candle
Write the full name of the person that is giving you grief
If you know their address write it or if you know the city, this will do
Place folded into the Ziplock bag and seal.
Place in the Freezer – all the way in the back
Say the Blue Light candle prayer 7 times

Blue Light Candle Prayer

Black is Black, White is White, You have come from the darkness, You must now become light For the black you have sent me now returns home to you
For the black you have sent me now becomes Blue

Say this 7 times
Then End with the “Our Father” or “The Lord is my Shepard” Prayer.

Then put out the blue candle.


Wave it out.

This will last and last. If the person or persons come to mind after a substantial time, redo.

It’s Up To You

When all is said and done, as much as people do certain things, the question arises as to whether we should do the old eye-for-an-eye. Do You:

  • Send it back with the intent of harm?
  • Allow the Universe to deal with it? 
  • Send back but with positive energy? 

I read many years ago about different religions, crafts and curses.

It said, in short, that most believed that by sending a curse, the person sending opens themselves up for that curse to boomerang back to them -Tenfold! So, if you send negativity to another, and it rebounds, it may be worse than intended! 

If you are allowing the Universe to deal with it, I would say that this is a good suggestion when learning about Psychic Protection. You enable the release of negativity through higher sources until you are more confident and understand the relationship of energy.

And if you chose to send your energy back, this would have to be positive (like the Name in the Freezer), which I have found works well. On a subconscious level, a person who knowingly or unknowingly sends things to another, through whatever channel, they know, and they, in turn, are waiting for the retaliation. But it never comes. Maybe they will get a taste of their own medicine, but we never sent it. Instead, we ship to them a positive cease and desist notice and then walk away. So be very aware of your thoughts

The Universe is there to help you, but remember, in the end, it is you that always makes the choices.

What Next?

When you are conscious of what’s going on around you, protecting yourself is the first thing. I know of no one who wants to take on other people’s issues on top of their own.

If it’s “dark” and lingering, then you will need to call in professional help.

A Medium or Psychic that deals with these kinds of situations may be your best option.

It can be a little frightening for those not fully aware of things like this, yet once you get over the fear, find your power, then things begin to change.

Please Note: A “Dark Entity” is not Demonic Attachments and Possessions, rare in most cases. Spirit Attachments, especially from an entity that has not passed over, is confused, angry, can at times become highly volatile. They may and can act out in many ways. That includes attaching to people or their home environments, trying to live their lives through the host or disrupting their lives. 


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