November’s Full Moon in Taurus

🔮It’s coming up 🌕Full Moon in Taurus on 19 Nov at 6:58pm. ECLIPSE as well, so this energy is double the whammy.

🔮Foundations are a Taurus “thang” that with the planets and moon during this period and what they are doing, leads us to a bit of shaking of those foundations. Will they crumble or will they hold? That is the question.

🔮Something that seemed to make sense in your life will come out of its shadows and will be seen for what it really is and you may feel angry, confused, and upset.

🔮The security we depended on, that which we thought to be truthful, will burst like a balloon. Everything will not seem like it should be and questions tenfold.

🔮Lunar Eclipses are about endings and this too could be about relationships. Finding out truths and investigating more closely on deceptions will be informative. But remember, every ending is a new beginning. All will not be lost.

🔮Our emotions will be heightened, and it comes back to our security, of our reliance on someone or something and how unstabled it really is from our not wanting to really see it for what it is. We accept the excuses, the deceit, the fraudulency towards the relationships, so as not to deal with it. But you will have to. It will smack you right in the face no matter what. Be it now or in a month or so.

What is the Truth, but a Lie agreed upon

Friedrich Nietzsche

🔮Tensions and Doubt arise, but with Sagittarius coming, try and take your emotions and use them creatively. Sag brings solutions not problems to the forefront. Don’t dwell, get moving, get busy.

🔮The energy is also about world issues on truths coming forward. People are angry, wanting transparency and justice and something is coming out into the light.

🔮There are also the feelings of anxiety and agitation in everyday life and if so, get out more in the sunshine. Get busy gardening or hiking or some kind of movement.

🔮It’s a heavy moon in lots of ways, but if we keep our heads, channel the energy to work for us and not against us, we may come out of this with a few scratches and no wounds. 

💖Have a good week, Peeps!


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