Make Your Decisions

No Gaslighting Allowed

🌑We’re in the New Moon now from 7:15am Brisbane time.
🔮The energy is a little dark, as most new moons bring to the surface the emotions we tuck away.
🔮Don’t let the weight of your emotions weigh you down.
🔮It’s during this period of your life to recognise and reorganise what you need in your life at this present time and what you don’t want in your life.
💖It’s a spiritual spring clean.
🔮CARD TODAY: 9 of WATER – Reversed. This means that there will be resistance or unwillingness to look at our emotional reactions and accept responsibilities. We are not willing to see the Truth to the source of our pain. But if we take a good look at that source, and deal with it, then we are stopping a pattern that keeps going around and around.
🔮Break Cycles – the pain is short term and opens you up to a greater lighter life.
🔮Don’t let the energy allow others to make you out to be a little nuts or overly emotional. Tell them to deal with their own shit before telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing in their view. Then walk away.
💖Be Nice To Yourselves Peeps. I send lots of healing energy your way today and the next three days. Peace out! xxxx


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