💀My Ghost Adventures

Over the years Hubby and I have come into contact when travelling with some things that I know was paranormal. Not overly scary stuff, but enough to get the heart racing, and keep you awake thinking what did I just experience.

Henry III, Wakefield Tower Fireplace, Tower of London

Fire Place Wakefield Tower

Hubby & I love to visit museums and historical places, and it keeps him out of the pubs. So on a dreary London morning, we took in the sights of the Tower of London. As we were moving through the rooms, we came upon Henry III’s room in which something drew me to the fireplace.

As I was looking at the size of it and the stonework, for some reason, I ducked my head under the mantel to look upwards to see if it was blocked off. As I held onto the mantel, I stuck my head sideways and upwards, and a great big black mist flew down at me. It frightened the poo-poo out of me, so I pulled my head out quickly. The mist came out of the chimney and turned on me, hitting me as I stood there like a swarm of bees. All I felt was icy coldness and near blacked out as it passed through me. I don’t know what it was, except that it was pissed and furious. My hubby and I were the only one’s in the room at the time, but he had walked just ahead of me to the next room, and I squealed and told him what had happened. He gave me that look of “Please don’t mention ghosts” and eyes looking around bugging out a bit. He says he doesn’t believe it, but he has seen some crazy stuff and has told me.

Nothing else happened in the place after that. I think I was too shocked at it hitting me like that.

I was wearing my thongs (flip-flops to the rest of the world), and when I got downstairs, I scrunched my toes in the grass for a bit to ground myself. One of the little ravens kept hopping near me and squeaking at me…maybe to tell me to keep off the grass. Cute wee bugger.

Bagdale Hall, Whitby, UK

Bagdale Hall, Whitby.

We travelled around the UK and had to show the Hubby Whitby, as he had never been here before. Home to the mythology of Dracula, Captain Cook, sailing in the Endeavour, and bloody good fish and chips. I booked into the Bagdale, with the only room left is the four-poster bedroom. Hubby thought the room was lovely, especially with the large fireplace, as Hubby is a carpenter and a carver. His twenty years of carpentry are of the old ways, which is a dying trade now. He studies old furniture or buildings, how created and the craftsmanship placed into the work.

Our Lovely Room at Bagdale Hall

Bagdale Hall is nearly five hundred years old and has a long history and many eras of prominent people owning it. So it has the credence to having residual energy about the place for sure.
Our room was spacious and carpeted throughout, as in the image, with the outside hall also carpeted. So first up, I took photos of the room – Hubby laying on the bed, stained glass windows, then the fireplace. But every in every image of the fireplace, I would get a mist forming in front of it. So I proceeded to wipe the lens of the camera and take another shot. Still, the image in front of the fireplace has the mist. I thought my camera had something wrong with the lens. So I would turn, take another shot around the room to see if the images were clear. I go back to the fireplace, misty. Show Hubby, and he is excited, so he does it. The same thing happens. Then it dawned on him. Could that be a spirit standing there? I said maybe and started walking over and feeling for any cold spots or the feeling of anything different, but there was none. Not dwelling on it too much, we went down for dinner.

Later that night, having pushed the thoughts of the fireplace incident to the back of our minds, we jump into bed, and it’s lights out for us. We may have gotten a couple of hours sleep before Hubby taps me awake and tells me to listen. Waking up, I laid there and listened. It was the sound of someone with boots walking heavily on timber floors – right outside our door. The sound was then of someone stomping down the wooden stairs. Then back up the stairs, and then suddenly, someone or something kicked our door. I know for myself; my heart was in my throat. I looked at my phone and checked the time. It was just after 3 am. Hubby whispered for me to check if someone was out there. I said you do it, but he wouldn’t. So I did. I snuck over to the door and quietly grabbed the handle, and opened it quickly. No one was in the hallway. I closed, and locked the thing and ran back to bed.

Out of the corner of my eye from the doorway, I saw it – A little white light anomaly. It floated through the room, past our bed, to the fireplace and then went down into the floor. Hubby says quietly did I see that? I whispered yep. Hubby turned, wrapped himself around me and stuck his head into my back. “I’m not staying two nights,” he said and went to sleep.


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