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Part 3


Shielding is one of the easiest methods to do when you are in need of protecting your energy from psychic attacks and energy vampires sucking the life out of you. A psychic attack is when negative energy is sent to you whether it is intentional or not and can drain you, tamper with your life, make you emotional, even can make you sick. An energy vampire is the type of person who may be loved ones, friends or people you work with, that drain you with their energy or drain you by taking your energy. They can leave you depleted, emotional, confused, the list goes on. They are quite selfish and life is about them and their problems. Anyone or thing that affects you on a spiritual or metaphysical way, you seriously need to shield up.

A positive way to make a shield is meditation. You imagine in your mind, drawing in the white light of the universe through the top of your head and throughout your body. When you are filled with white light, you can start making a shield from that energy. You place that shield in front of you, which negative energy cannot penetrate.

The other is imagining you are in a bubble that also cannot be penetrated. Any shield you feel comfortable with, you are putting the intention into it that no negative energy will attach or connect with you. Use whenever you have to be around people, even can use before bed if you think you are having with someone sending you negativity. The more you use the more you will find that the people you may have been a dumping or free energy point, will start to change their attitude towards you. I have even found that those people who loved to suck the energy out of me stop all contact, and it was no great loss.


One of the strongest things to do a when you need it right there and then. Used in conjunction with meditation, your shield, you will find this to be powerful. Whether you have been bought up with religion or not, it does not matter. Whomever you believe in, be it God, Goddess, Jesus, Mary, Saints, the Universe, The Budda, your prayers said in a positive manner will bring in protection.

May I release all energies that are less than love

Help free me of all that no longer serves me

I return all energies that are not mine with love

Any cords or connections that are not for my greatest good

I release and disconnect.

I ask for the protection from the Light and love of the Universe

As Above So Below

So Mote it Be

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