Psychic Attacks: Shielding Strategies For Beginners

Part of The Protection Series

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Shielding is one of the easiest methods to do when you require protecting your Energy from psychic attacks and or psychic vampires.


What Am I Shielding From?

A psychic attack is when negative energy via manifestation, physically attaches or attacks you, by a person who intentionally or unintentionally discharges it.

How does a person do this? A person has to build up the malicious negative energy within themselves with thought before unleashing it. They do not have to be near you to do this, they focus in their victim mindset on the person who has set off an emotion.

Mull over this: Thoughts have a specific amount of energy, as does everything. Then Words are up on the next level of the table, followed by Actions above that. But everything starts with the THOUGHT. What you think and how you think it, then putting those thoughts into words and announcing them, to finally acting out on them to becomes the reality. Energy cannot be destroyed but can be diverted or changed into another form, can be wasted and can be drained.

As an example, someone sent me a psychic attack when I was starting to tweak my abilities, and this is what I felt. For me, it’s like being hit by a hockey ball in the face (which happened to me as a teen) – quick, my head went fuzzy, and I am nearly blacking out. Then the dreams began at night, with the pinning down, bad luck with electronics, vehicles, finances, children getting sick; it just became a struggle.

Not everyone will experience the same. It depends on your sender on what they manifest. They may send something to attach for maybe longer interference or a quick attack to put you in your place or to warn you. Mine was long term, and because I was uneducated in the energy connections we have, I lived with it for a time. To help me overcome this, I chose a healer who mixed their Reiki with Indigenous healings to help me remove this attachment and the attacks. It took many sessions but it worked and helped greatly.

And I did not send the woman who sent me the psychic attacks anything back. I learnt that if you send anything malicious like a curse or bad intention, it can rebound tenfold upon the sender. I believe in that and try to curb my frustrations or anger when I am upset. We never went that far in redirecting the energy back towards the woman sending me the gunk she did. I asked that anything not for my greater good be taken away from me by Archangel Michael, knowing it was the strongest way at that time to stop the rot.

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A psychic vampire is a type of person who could range from a loved one, a friend or people you work with, who drains you with their energy or drain you by taking your energy. They can leave you dazed and confused, energy weakened, the list goes on. Anything that affects you on a metaphysical level, you seriously need to learn to shield up.

As another example, I had a woman who would not take no for an answer when I said I was busy with my readings (I also worked and have five children and husband to attend to). When she wanted a reading, she wanted it free of charge and liked it at her beck and call. I said no to her and explained that if she wanted me to do another reading, she would have to book and come to the shop where I worked for that reading. Nope, she demanded me to do the reading over phone and at all hours of the night, would phone me drunk saying she needed me to read, but I got to the point that I would not answer. I only met this woman three times before all this and had no social connection with her.

So I would get these drunken messages, abusing me, turning everything of her problems back onto me, making me feel bad, worn out and not sure what to do. I was starting to get that fuzzy feeling again and even though I was shielding, it wasn’t enough and things began to go wrong around the place. Hole in the pool, retaining wall was crumbling, a leak in the bathroom, it was becoming a renovation nightmare and we were not even renovating.

Anyhow, this woman and I actually attended the same mediation group on a Saturday morning. I dreaded seeing her, but then thought NO, she wasn’t making me uncomfortable no more and wasn’t going to make me feel like I was doing something wrong. At this group, she would be nice as pie to my face in front of everyone. But in her eyes, she was raging at me. Just being near her was draining and I could see it was for other ladies and gents int he group. Anyone that would lead an ear, she would pour out her problems.

Anyway, after the mediation, some of us would discuss what we experienced and one older lady came up to me after a session on the quiet and said that I had this dark cord attached to me. She said it was in her meditation, and it came from our lady friend who complained all the time. I told her what was happening. After class, she did this beautiful healing on me to detach the connection. Afterwards, I felt lighter and brighter. The woman hassling me stopped calling, stopped coming to class, and I never heard from her again. My healer friend told me to learn to shield proper against people like this. So since then I have been learning as much as possible in doing just that.


How To Make A Shield

Visualisation is Key

A positive way is to make a shield is through visualisation. You visualise yourself filled with white light from the top of your head down to your toes. When your whole being is white light, you can start making a shield from that Energy. Any way you want to design it is up to you. When you have finished, you place love into that shield so that negative Energy cannot penetrate.
The other is imagining you are in an impenetrable bubble. Again, filling yourself with white light and using it to make that bubble filled with love. The stronger you visualise, the stronger the shield. So it will take practice. Any shield you feel comfortable with, remember you are putting into it positive intention so that no negative energy will attach or connect to you.


When To Use

Use whenever you have to be around people, even use before bed if you think you are having someone sending you negativity. The more you use, the more you will see that the people may have been using you as a dumping or accessible energy point. Those who have been doing this will start to change their attitude towards you. You may even notice people stopping all contact, which in itself was no significant loss.


Scanning Yourself

I now scan myself after meeting people, even though I have my shield up, because some days you can feel a bit lazy in doing things. Plus, some people have very strong energy that may bring about denting your energy. How I do this is by standing still for a moment and getting a feel of if there is something not right inside and out of me. Fix and Heal as best as possible until I return home. If I want something a bit deeper, I visualise a scanner going over me from top to toe and finding where there are areas I need to fix and heal. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with.

For more on Cord Removal click here:



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Another powerful way to protect yourself is Prayer.

Used in conjunction with meditation, your shield, you will find this to be extremely potent. Whether you have been bought up with religion or not, it does not matter. Whomever you believe in, your prayers said in a positive manner will bring in protection.

May I release all energies that are less than love
Help free me of all that no longer serves me
I return all energies that are not mine with love
Any cords or connections that are not for my greatest good
I release and disconnect.
I ask for the protection from the Light and love of the Universe
As Above So Below
So, Mote, it Be


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