New Moon in Cancer/Leo

21 June 2020, 3:33am Cancer 6:14am Leo AEST

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This month we get the second Cancer New Moon which doesn’t have any Eclipses to harass us with our energy. This New Moon is full of great potential and a lot of kickstarting for many of you…especially the energy that has been lacking of late.

This New Moon is giving us a message about change in our family structure, home and work. It can be a little brash in its message, but sometimes you need that to get that message home… and wake you up. It’s about Release and Moving Forward. And in all of this there has to be a balance for each and everyone of us. Balance in our minds, in our lives, in our families and friends, in all. If that balance is not seen to, then that is where we struggle.

But do we push ourselves so much that life is just working to pay bills? Do we have quality of life when it comes to how we are living it at this moment of time? Can we or do we want or need to make changes?

These are questions that need to be asked and meditated on this New Moon. Finding solutions that may be as easy or as hard as you like to make them.

So lets get into it with your star signs and see what we have coming:


In the year that has been, it has been like walking in mud. Lunar disruptions, like the eclipses, Mercury retrogrades are going to free you from the poor circulations within your life at present. Fresh starts are on the cards and big cleans ups. Thoughts of releasing yourself from bonds that have kept you stagnate for so long are there, and if you are serious about cutting these bonds, now is the time to start working on a plan and doing it. No one else is going to do the hard work towards this except you Aries….only because no one can do a job like an Aries.


Bless you Taurus, because you are a no-nonsense kind of person, and common sense means so much to you in getting by in life, it is time to put your money where your mouth is. But this month you need to help others see that using their heads is a good thing, instead of slacking around. You need to teach but not preach. And even though you may like the praise, be humble in your actions if none are forth coming. There is also thought of change working its way into your mind as well, be it your home front, job or life. Process what it is you are needing at this time in your life and work from that. December is when you will see or decide what it is you are looking for.


In the next few months, your life is either going to be complicated because you are fighting the system or it can start to be easier and more abundant. You have floated along all this time and it’s worked for you. But now there will be a need to budget and get ahead for new wanting or needs in your life. It’s about security and financials that you need to knuckle down. If you don’t fight it, by November/December/January, you will be surprised at your sacrifices – be they small or large. Get yourself financially settled so that it eases the stress not only for you, but for others who are on the journey with you.


What ever you started in the last couple of months either needs to be finalised or built up to continue on with its growth. Don’t waste your time if you are not going to invest into it. Good energy at the moment in the Cancer vibe for Cancerians, with a good flow with money and yet, can still put away some for a rainy day. When it comes to your home and family, you need to still watch any rumbles in the jungle with family members and nip in the bud any discontentment before it blows up into a mighty row. Get rid of anything you don’t need in your life to make a clean start to this period.


There is a rumbling of discontentment for Leo’s at the moment. It can make you do things to fill gaps missing in your life and not for the positive. Think before you act on anything Leo. If there is something you are thinking about and a little dark, then you need to seriously talk to someone about it. Don’t hide yourself, don’t get grumbly and don’t push others away. It’s something that could be cleared if spoken. Family needs may seem tedious at times, but look and think of the blessings you have been bestowed with and enjoy time with them. Nature and gardening are hitting a high note with Leo’s this New Moon, so look into Biodynamics and planting by the moon. You may be surprised at what happens by tapping into this.


Finding Your Tribe essence is on the cards with Virgo’s at the moment. “Where do I fit in?” is the ongoing question. But think seriously before you commit to people Virgo during this time. It may seem like you are looking for somewhere to fit in, but really, what is happening is this New Moon is trying to show you that at this point of time, you are your tribe. You need to delve deeper to find the you, you long for. It’s all about getting the look you feel good about for you, challenging yourself, kicking back or experiencing things you usually don’t go for. By doing this, it will attract the right tribespeople you are wanting or maybe needing in your life. But you are your own Leader. And remember Virgo…on days when things don’t go right as a leader…that leader has to take account for those mistakes and grow from it. Something Virgo’s are not known to do. So it’s a learning period and a humbling one. But you will have an exciting and emotional journey that is all worth it.


Seems that work is still on the cards for Libra, which is that Cancerian vibe connected to it. In this New Moon phase, and with no eclipse energy to disrupt, you may find that you may be given a new opportunity in the work sector…be it a position that pays better or even a new job. There is also this ongoing initiative over Libra with the vibe of “Online….something”. If you are working towards an enterprise online, be aware that near Christmas or New Year is when it would be starting to become more auspicious…starts to peak interest and bring in money. At the home front, budgets may be tight, but make sure you spoil yourself once in a while. Something is on the horizon of something financially good coming your way but again, it will be around Christmas/New Year that it’s finally announced.


The ever expanding scorpios are still continuing with their mind and soul journey. Now it’s time to kick up a notch and this New Moon is pushing you. Be warned that if you fight the energy, things will not go to your plan, and we all know how a Scorpio loves a plan. Roll With It! The signs are good if you do. If you have connections with working online or in some kind of social media, know that your work will start to also kick up a notch and be noticed. With the home, being present with people is a must. Treat someone you love to your tenderness and fun and enjoy those moments. Disconnect from all media and take time out. Keep within budget if you have one, but if not… make one.


Money, Home, Security is something that is on your mind all the time at the moment. The energy I get is that if you keep worrying and thinking the worse than the worse will happen. Your head is so full of thoughts and fuzziness, you need to stop what you are doing and just be. Take shoes off and put your feet on some grass or go to the beach and wiggle your toes in the sand and water. Breathe. When you have settled down and are in a frame of mind to look at what you are worried about, break it down into some do-able solutions and knock those off one by one. Make a plan and “Do Not Deviate From It”, and the longer you don’t deviate from it…it will become a routine for you. There is also the word “Sacrifice” which is a nasty word in your vocabulary, but guess what? There comes a time where we all have to do it. Things may turn out better than you think. So get going!


Working on yourself is the key this New Moon and month. But the busy vibe is all around you like a little bee buzzing here and there, day in day out. When things settle down a little for you, you will have to make a routine to pamper yourself and stick to it. It’s the only way you feel revitalised. With the home front, things may get little hectic but once again when things settle, take time out with a love one and have special time together without any media and enjoy time out. Ignite the passion again. And with money, well you need to budget like everyone else and not deviate from it. You have plenty and need not keep buying for the sake of buying. Save up for something special.


Hoooo-Weeee Aquarius. You are about to boost into a health regime that you are going to push yourself to the point of wanting to see a difference if it breaks you. You are tired of the promises that tell you it will make a difference but did little to nothing. Well, whatever you’re doing, or going to do, be aware of something. We hold onto emotions in our bodies. If you have not dealt with something from the past that has made you hold onto it in your body, you will get no where. This New Moon asks you to look at the part you want to change and ask yourself what emotions or trauma do you hold there. The answers may be as simple or more complex. You need to deal with it and let it go so you can let go of the physical weight. Do a ritual of Release with the New Moon and four days after to clear and exonerate yourself from all that you don’t want to hold onto any longer. It may be hard at times, but in the end it is worth it.


Home is where the heart is Pisces and you need to raise the energy of your home with your particular nature. Give it a good going over and make it more warm and inviting, yet keep a rein on money. By New Year there may be a nice little nest egg for a holiday or something nice. Buy some nice crystals for around the home and place them in aucspicious areas to give off good energy. Also….Up the anti on the love life and make someone feel special. We all get bit lazy in the love life, but don’t get complacent or you may find things going south.


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