Full Moon in Capricorn

It was a Dark & Stormy Night…

We have a Full Moon in Capricorn coming up on the 5th July 2020 at 2:44pm. There seems to be a few things to take a look at. So to be on the ball towards the energy flowing towards us.

illustration of moon showing during sunset

Photo by David Besh on Pexels.com

The whole energy is aiming towards a dense, disturbing night for emergency services and the home. I am going to put it out there – there will be those who will want to get on the “tear” during the Full Moon, may find themselves in some kind of dispute, disturbances; Lots of rudeness, telling of secrets, arguments. Its all to do with Mars being in Aries. This mixed with charming Gemini in Venus starts off pleasant, warm and lots of laughter. But as the hour’s tick by, it does change dramatically.
I am getting with this Full Moon is that those who think they can control situations, mothering due to the energy of Cancer. I am sorry to say you have a better chance of talking to a brick wall if you are trying to handle anything that starts to lose its flavour or the scheme of things. I see blindness in anger and rage. Nothing is in there. I get the essence of this full Moon being very physical and those who have problems at home with a loved one, being on edge. Lots of blunt and tactless words said that are meant to hurt, mixed with drinking and drugs, the rising sign of this Full Moon being Sagittarius. Terms of wanting to be free and do what they please will be the issue here.

couple arguing

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

On the other side of it, if you are aiming towards a goal, it does have plenty of Capricorn flowing through this Full Moon. There will be a push for being organised, logical, and holding responsible to a high standard, which makes those close (who don’t use that energy and exonerate its energy), more pissy and annoyed. But if you have a goal, and you want to go for it, then keep going. They will get over it and will calm down after the Full Moon phases. Just have a bubble of strength and hold your tongue. Remember, if you are having a hard time in some issue/s with goals, you are better to work with others to reach those goals. Cooperating with others gets you nearer to your destination.

It’s an edgy Full Moon, everyone on egg shells feeling. So make sure you cleanse and keep your energy clear for all types of shite being hurled around.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Those not in the know of what a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is, it is when the Moon shifts from the Earths Shadow, subtly or moderately, but we still see a full moon. Imperfect Alignment of sorts. In Australia, we will not see it. However, we shall feel it.


The eclipse’s energy on 5th June will be of a feeling of “what’s there to be grateful for” attitude. There are always reasons to be grateful, and now is the time to be thankful and be prepared.

I only say this because the messages I am getting are all about FINANCES.

Finances will be tight this month and from the job front, may look woeful. Just hang in there, OK. Things are going to get bumpy, that is for sure. What is needed to do is watch your spending, especially on something that you don’t really need. Breaking things down to wants and needs is a must.

DEBT is the challenge we are all going to face here. Don’t fall behind in payments or there will be ongoing stress with the next stage of collecting those debts. Get rid of the things you pay for that need culling from credit card, i.e. subscriptions. Look at all insurances and see if you can get better deals, health insurance if you can afford it, the energy you use in the home. Really ask yourself, can you walk or catch public transport than using your car? Look at cutting down wastage that costs you. Teach younger ones to be more careful with their money, their spending on junk, fuel, things that can be better spent elsewhere to help the home. Even make those who have free room and board, pay their way in these times, so they can budget.

Cook meals, no takeouts. Set yourself a target of making a healthy meal for say 6 people under $2 per serving. Don’t buy expensive cleaning products, food brands that you can replace for cheaper. Those still growing own produce, keep it up and don’t get lazy. It’s not standards dropping, it’s your budget. So seriously consider the implications and the changes. It will save you in the long run.


This Message has rung true in my mind for many years now. So I made this meme to remind me that I don’t need to be slave to the banks.







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