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What is a Psychic Attack?

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A psychic attack is a torpedo of negative energy, discharged via the consciousness or ether. It aims to impact upon a person and their life or even their family. This mischief or misbehaviour is aimed towards the emotional, physical, spiritual or even the mental state of a person.

Those who intentionally set about to attack construct ways and means that are devious. Like black magic, voodoo, “pointing the bone” or just nasty thoughts that conjure a psychic attack.

This violation (and it is a violation) can be frightening and upsetting, and its these kinds of attacks that need to be seriously looked upon and dealt with.

Please note:
Not everything in a person’s life is a Psychic Attack. It’s understanding what’s happening in your life and comprehending your gut instincts about situations. Don’t jump to conclusions until you have all the facts.


What are the Symptoms of a Psychic Attack?

  • Nightmares – Dreaming very frightening and unpleasant dreams
    The Aggressor – Finding them via dreams, meditations or their name keeps popping up in your mind
  • Exhaustion – Constantly tired and drained Sluggishness – Fuzziness in the mind, lack of concentration, can’t get going, laziness, procratination.
  • Uncertainty – Doubt creeps into your mind on a regular basis and begins to take a hold when prior you were confident and strong.
  • Sense of Being Watched – Niggling sense that something is around you and see things flash past from the corner of your eye.
  • Agitation – You become more and more flustered and angry for no reason
  • Emotional – Crying and finding fault with yourself all the time.
  • Pinning Down – Some call it sleep paralysis which is up in the air for some folks that its a psychic attack. I know this is real in the sense of how frightening it can be and what the lead up to it is.
  • Person you have had issues with keeps popping into your mind all the time, dreams and conversations.
  • A constant barage of bad luck of breakages, car issues, electricals in the home.


How to Protect


The easiest and quickest way is to sit for a moment and imagine that there is a white light of energy all around you.
Like an impenetrable bubble.

You say a prayer about protecting yourself. I find your own words sometimes are the best, but deliver you words always in the positive and feel lifted when you say it.
As an Example:

“Let the light and love protect me from all that is negative”


“I repel all negative energy today and only the positive will convey to those around me”

If you feel that some gunk has attached to you, then try to visualise and then remove as best as possible.
I imagine Archangel Michael coming in, removing the gunk by placing it into urns.

He then destroys them with his sword.
Other times I step out of myself and see my shell. The gunk attached I remove and place into urns, and once again, I let Archangel Michael take over.



lighted candles on table near glass cup

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Baths are another great help when you feel drained by people.
Adding Epsom Salts, Sea Salt or Essential Oils to a Bath will give you good cleansing!

Lavender Lemon Verbena White Sage Peppermint

These oils are easy to find and can mixed into a blend to your liking. Breathing in the aromas, clearing your mind of any gunk is the first step. All you have accumulated will wash away. Work with a recipe or experiment so to find what works best for you.

Showers we can make a bag or old stocking with oats and a sprinkling of your favourite oils. Either use to rub yourself down with or place over shower head.
Clean out every couple of days as the oats become too soggy.

Like in meditation, you could say a few things to release anything in or around you, listen to music that is in tune with settling the mind and body or something upbeat to get you back on track! But you must see what is attached or attacking being washed down the drain.




Another Protection skill to have up your sleeve is Smudging (or Saging). You can buy sage sticks of different varieties on line or at speciality shops. You can make your own by binding together a mixture of herbs or plants. All aim to do the same…

Repel and Clean.

When using the smudging stick, it releases the negative ions in the surrounds of your home, area or person.
You are clearing, cleansing and changing the surrounds into the positive.

Smudging or burning of sacred plants is an ancient ritual. Yet the smudging we do today is the Native Americans style. It’s from their tradition of the “Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing”. It’s used in ceremonies to drive away negative entities or energies. It’s simple to use and not very expensive.

When you are going to smudge an area, there are few safety issues you need to abide by.

Open up windows and let the air in. Carry a bowl with your smudge stick
Do not use around flammable items e.g. curtains Do not swing around

You can use a feather or a fan to push the smoke around

Once you light your Smudge stick, you will notice it will smolder and smoke. The aroma is sweetish, but smoky. Some folks like the smell, others not so much. Don’t breath it in too much and don’t smoke up the area until the fire alarms go off.

When you are smudging, you must have Clear Intention in your mind about what you doing. By letting the smoke wisp around you is a great way of shielding yourself. Use around rooms and doorways, windows, the car and even the pets and kids can get a dose.

It can be as long or as short in applying.
Alway put your smudge out in either some sand in an earthenware jar or a quick dip in a bowl of water. It dries well after a dip, so there is no worries of destroying it.

Smudging is something I do on a regular basis. I get into my power and feel my vibrations rise. I have intention in clearing and casting out anything that is hovering around, feeling such a weight lifted when finished and I can only impress upon you that you should get into the habit with this one.

Smudging Prayer 

Smoke of Air, Fire of Earth

Cleanse and Bless This Home and Hearth

Drive Away All Harm and Fear

Only Good May Enter Here.



person walking on sand

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Being in Nature is one of the greatest things we can do. No only does it take away negativity, it rejuvenates you wholly.

Walking on the beaches and feeling water, is enormous. Touching the earth with your bare feet, walking through forests or places of great beauty raises your vibrations. The energy of what the earth can do for the soul and the body is amazing.

I recommend to you when you are feeling blah and after being around people who drain you. I especially recommend for those who work in constant artificial lighting and computers.

Find somewhere and take your shoes off and wiggle your toes. Lean up against a tree and take the time to breath and feel your surroundings.
If you have been going through hard times, you will want to sleep as soon as you get comfortable. The energy of nature is soothing and calming, and it will blanket you to bring balance. Embrace it!



There are so many crystals out there today that can help in taking away negativity and protecting you.

By placing them in areas that may have a high influx of people or high electrical areas is an excellent way to help. Wearing them is great for protection, yet understand that stones react more so to certain situations or emotions.

As an Example:

If I wore Obsidian around my neck and was a stressful day at work, it began to feel heavy and irritable on my skin. Hemitite bracelet would make my arm and wrist ache like crazy. Tigers Eye would make me want to cry. So, I stopped wearing them and have them around me more so, like in pocket or bag, next to my bed.


Black Tourmaline is one of the strongest protectors against negative energy. Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibration. One to use for a full chakra balance and shielding. Keep in room if you have electrical appliances for their radiation output to get restful sleep.


Turquoise is a dynamic stone for protection and also has the ability to heal. It has been known to change depth of colour when there is danger or illness.


Tigers Eye is a grounding and protecting stone. Used in days gone by for those putting the evil eye on you or curses. It was used to hold that ill-will back. Balances your yin-yang


Clear Quartz is the stone for saying “No…Enough is Enough!” The Master Healer!
When you put this on or have it around your work area, it helps to stop others from dumping their load on you. Stops becoming a victim of situations and overcoming them.


In times past, Peridot was used to keep at bay evil spirits. Its perfect for releasing the past. Did you know that if you keep thinking about something bad in your past or a person, it will either have them harassing you psyically and psychically. Use Peridot to detach yourself from those memories and move on.


Onyx is the stone of giving strength to repel.
It is one of the many stones that draws negativity away and supports on centering your energy. Good to have by Front doors.


Well if you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones, you will know this as “Dragon Stone”.
This stone is Obsidian and it has no boundaries and is limitless. It is a stone that needs to be used carefully or else you will have issues that drive emotions kept well hidden to the surface quickly! So easy does it when using Obsidian!


Lapis Lazuli is a power stone. Gives you the strength to repel when emotions are running high. As quick as it gives the strength, it also gives you a peace and calm in doing what you have to get done. Immense in its power to stop psychic-attacks.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.29.31 am 

Labardorite is a lovely stone and one of my favourites.
It deflects undesirable energies and puts up a blockade to negative energies.
Excellent for raising consciousness

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.30.11 am 

Jasper is the “Supreme Nurturer”.
It consumes negativity because it wants only to bring about peace and calmness.
Excellent to balance the Yin/Yang of the body.


Hematite is wonderful for protection.
It will demolish and repel negativity at the same time. Great for grounding and is very Male or Yang influenced. So when you need to have that maleness perk to do a job or take on a situation, this is the stone.


There are many types of Agate and each have a resonating quality; that it brings strength and calmness. It is a stabiliser of energy and brings about a strength and another in the list of balancing.


Amethyst, the “Purple Protector” of the Crystal and Stone worlds! Who can say they don’t like this stone? Its wonderful in its form and colours. One of the best to defend against Psychic-Attacks! Its the Guru of love and light and disperses negativity. Its great for cleansing and healing.
Whaddda Stone! Love It!


Name in the Freezer

What You Need:

1 x Piece of Paper to write on 1 x Pen or Marker Pen
1 x Ziplock Lunch Bag
1 x Blue Light Candle

Light the Blue Candle
Write the full name of the person that is giving you grief
If you know their address write it or if you know the city, this will do
Place folded into the Ziplock bag and seal.
Place in the Freezer – all the way in the back
Say the Blue Light candle prayer 7 times

Blue Light Candle Prayer


Black is Black
White is WhiteYou have come from the darkness, you must now become light

For the black you have sent me now returns home to you
For the black you have sent me now becomes Blue

Say this 7 times
Then End with the “Our Father” or “The Lord is my Shepard” Prayer.

Then put out the blue candle.


Wave it out.

This will last and last. If the person or persons come to mind after a substantial time, redo.


Never Send it Back

In all this, as much as people do certain things to us, the most important thing to remember is this:

By protecting yourself and bringing light and love in and around you, the sender will have to face the negativity they were trying to inflick upon you. It will Rebound! This is punishment enough.

I read many years ago in a book about people who place curses upon others.
It said that by sending that curse, they open themselves up for the curse to boomerang back to them…Tenfold!

So, if you send negativity back to another, and it rebounds, it will come back to you worse than intended!

So be very aware of your thoughts…with anything!
The Universe is there to do our deeds. If we put enough energy into our thinking, it will eventually happen.
So be prepared in your steps to others.


What Next?

The best thing to do, when you are aware of what’s going on, is to send loving thoughts back to the sender while still wrapped in your inpentrable bubble of protection.
You may feel this is a bit of a cop out if they are doing some shitty things. Yet let me say, it can stop them in their tracks of what they are doing. It confuses them.

If you find that things are still a bit murky or just not working out, call on whomever, your god, goddess, guides or angels. Ask them for guidance in this situation and see what can be done.

If it’s full on “dark” and nothing seems to be budging it, then you will need to call in professional help.

A Medium or Psychic that deals with these kind of situations may be your best option so they can tell you what it is and where it may be coming from.

It can be a little frightening for those not aware of things like this, yet once you get over the fear and get that fire in your belly to claim back what is rightfully yours.


Just Remember….

We Are Energy

We are Energy Beings, comprised of pulsating power that runs on high and low, depending on our environment. From the very core of us to the outer layers of our Auras, we vibrate with energy.

Everything is vibrating at one speed or another from a tree to a rock to a person. Depending on how connected we are to light source, we have levels of frequencies of energy. When you are happy and excited, you feel this lightness in you. If you are down and feeling shitty, then a heaviness takes over.

As with any energy, you can take it or send it. Some folks have not a clue they can do this. I call them the “unintentionals”.
Yet others, who are in the know, who use it help others are Healers and know the rules of sending and accepting energy.

Then we have those who use energy on the darker side of things to do harm or get their way. They are the Vampires, The Zappers, the Psychic Attackers.

These are the abusers of energy who use their energy for ego.

Protecting Yourself is about shielding to repel energy that is on a negative level. We do this the best ways we can, through Love and Light.

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  1. Odten comes just before a major healing os about to happen. Don’t be too upset! Best….


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