There’s a Frog in my Loo

Living in the country, you have to live with a few things, particularly the ever-growing number of green frogs around our home in the last seven months. In my veggie patch, I have them hiding out in the silverbeet and the artichokes. They even have been in the house, where I have almost squashed standing on and doesn’t it make you know you are alive when your feet touch them!

Never had the “heart“(boom-boom!)to pick the last few artichokes because the weather has been so hot.
TC Holmes ©

The last couple of weeks there has been a big green frog in my loo and no matter what, I cannot get him out! I noticed him the first time and it was too late to do anything for him, floating amongst the debris, to put it mildly. Every time now I check to see if he is about, see a tiny leg sticking out down the bottom of the water and then it slips away. I have to clean it eventually, but I am scared the vinegar and bicarb will hurt him. I am also afraid that without thinking, I place my derriere on the seat and then suddenly feel this cold little sucker touching my skin. I like frogs, but touching like that is a no go zone!

So it will look like I will have to do a mercy snatch and grab and without gloves. I haven’t a pair in the house and we shop once a month and neighbours are far and some not likely to have them.

I can see it now, dipping into the cold water and trying to reach up and under and feeling for a little leg. Jeeze Lousie, I just hope that I don’t come out with just that. I will be devastated, not to mention the poor frog.

So I will get back to you on the progress of my plight because it has to be a shitty thing to see from a frogs point of view the actual scene he is witnessing. I know I would be.


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