In Your Face Miracles

Manifesting Madness

I clicked the “ON” button and now things are beginning to change for the better every day!

Christmas of 2015, I returned home from Spain in November to be with my daughter for the birth of her first baby and my first Grandson. All went well and we now have this beautiful boy in our lives now who is a crawling, drooling, wonderful destructive ball of energy. Bravo!

Start of Christmas week, I needed a haircut and colour badly, and being in Spain, I couldn’t at the time. So my daughter said she would book me in to a hairdressers and get the balayage hair done because I have long hair and would look fantastic. Ok you sold me on this.  Beginning of week I go to my appointment. 3 hours later, colour has not taken and my hair is not what I wanted. Hairdresser informs me if I return at the end of week she will alter the colour and will look great for a smaller fee than today. I agree and pay a small house payment for my hair.

End of week I arrive for appointment, but see I am early and so go to the bookshop. I am looking in the self-help section and this book sticks out. E2 by Pam Grout. 9 Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality. Hmmm, interesting as I had been doing Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above and to me, that was cool.  I bought it and went to my appointment.


Sitting there amongst the loud screaming hair driers, people shouting, phones ringing, music blaring, I did the first of the experiments called “The Dude Abides Experiment”.  I wrote down the date and time and then I requested I wanted an unexpected gift in the next 24 hours. I looked at what I wrote and with my gut telling me this was exciting, kissed the page secretly and felt this kind of niceness fill me up. I continued reading yet my mind was on the 24 hour gift. Please let it happen I kept thinking.

3 hours later, my hair is complete, colour has taken and looking pretty schmick. I walk up to the counter, pulling out my purse, sweat beading off my brow, thinking about the cost, take out my card and then….I am stopped by the hairdresser.

“No, it’s on the house, Merry Christmas!”.

Did you just read that?


My God, Pam Grout, Your words are easy and hip, I can understand and I don’t have to be a meek and mild-mannered goody-two-shoes to ask the universe for something! I can be myself and not something that I know that in me makes me worthy to receive.

I have done the experiments and they are fun and they work! Gosh they work!

But for me her E=MC2 is so much more!  My equation is as follows:

E=Energy M=Mass C=Light 2/Squared=Strength of Potentiality.

Energy and Mass are forms of the same thing.

Energy = Released Mass (Thoughts, Fears, Emotions etc.) = Outcome/Miracle

Mass = Energy waiting to be released (Thoughts, Fears, Emotions etc.)= Intentions

C = Source to Universe (The connection to )= Orders given in the precise timeframe

Square = Strength of Potentiality =  The Energy you put into the Attitude/Psyche to giving those orders in your current mindset. 

So the miracle (E) will come to fruition when the Mass of Energy (M/Intention/s) are directed in a positive manner and mindset that then connects you to the source (C). The strength of direction (2/Squared) and clarity then gives it more accuracy and strength thus turning that into an Outcome  – Miracle(E).

Miracle Worker

I lost the house keys the other day. Had a large orange garage zapper on a ribbon with the keys.  My daughter and I searched the car and then my hand bag and they were not to be seen. I went to the supermarket and the fruit and veg shop where I was and nothing was handed in.

So three days went pass and I couldn’t stop thinking of the keys and I had Pam’s books out. Of Course!  So I ask my Field of Potentiality to please let me find my keys in the next 48 hours.

So I drove to the house we just shifted out of to fix a few things up before handing it over to the new owners. I had a box cutter I threw into my bag before I left as I needed it to open a box. I reached into my bag and low and behold pulled out an orange garage zapper with keys on a ribbon! I kid you not!

I called out to my daughter who looked at me with shock. She had tipped everything out of my bag, searched through all the pockets and left it empty for me clean back up and found nothing of those keys. When I had put everything back into my bag, those keys were not there.

She said “No Way! How???”  I said I asked and I received.

It has got her thinking now!





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